1963/1964 Fender Strat, Interesting and Unique Provenance!

This is a vintage Strat with a unique provenance and history. Date codes span from Nov 1963 to early 1964, so it’s more accurate to call it a 1963/1964 Strat, especially with a neck date of NOV 63(taking a page from the George Gruhn book of dating a guitar based on the neck date).

This guitar was previously owned by the great Elliot Easton. In fact, a good customer of mine flew from Germany to Malibu to purchase this guitar from Elliot. It was partially refinished by Jay Black, one of the founders of the Fender Custom Shop, somewhere around 1991. Then legendary Tom Murphy, who does the aging/relicing for the high-end Gibson Historic Les Pauls, refinished and reliced the guitar somewhere around the mid-1990s. I’ve only seen perhaps a half dozen lefty Gibsons that Tom has worked on, including the four lefty Rossington Les Pauls(I owned two). And I’ve seen very few Fenders that Tom has worked on, let alone a vintage lefty Strat, so this is a truly unique vintage lefty which has been refinished and reliced by the best in the business.

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1960 Fender Strat, Factory Original Righty Pickups, One of One!

This Strat was fully inspected and set-up by my guitar tech, Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music(Fender authorized repair center since 1979) on 10/20/16.

1. heel of neck sanded and neck pocket modified to correct some manufacturing defect, but looks to be original factory work by Fender.
2. some typical and minor marker touch-ups on sides, nothing serious.
3. Tuner on D string changed; it is a single-line/no print older Kluson tuner(1953-56)
4. the PUPs are RIGHT HANDED! and appear to be factory original – Fender just put the wrong PUPS into this guitar – no markings on pickguard or masking tape etc to designate Lefty as on my other pre-CBS lefty Strats, so this would be an easy mistake to have made back then. Having the righty PUPs actually helps eliminate the wolf tones on the low E above the 12th fret that are common on Strats.

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1968 Fender Tele, Rare Maple Cap Neck, Player’s Guitar

This is a 1968 Fender Tele with a rare maple cap neck. All of the late 60s(1967-1969) left handed Teles I’ve sold have had a rosewood fingerboard. Even most right handed late 60s Teles have the rosewood fingerboard. I was able to find a pristine right handed 1966 Tele with a maple cap neck that I sold to Joe Bonamassa earlier in the year: http://www.leftyvintageguitars.com/1966FenderTeleMapleCap.html

This is a player’s guitar, with many non-original parts. But it’s priced at about 1/3 of an all original late 60s left handed Tele with a rosewood fingerboard. The prize is clearly the factory left handed maple cap neck, dated 3SEP68, so the rest of the guitar is just icing on the cake.

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1962 VOX AC-4, 100% Original, EXC Condition, Rare Amp!

Up for sale, a 1962 Vox AC-4 in exceptional, collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. This early JMI tube amplifier is 100% original and complete, with original fawn tolex, brass vents, stock transformers, and even the stock “woodie” footswitch! Powered by a single EL84, this amp delivers classic Class A Vox tube tone at bedroom volumes, with a tone that actually stays quite clean. With simple Volume and Tone controls, the circuit is a pure platform for highlighting the guitar plugged into it, with a dynamic sound that can vary notably based on the pickups that are pushing the original 8″ speaker. The tremolo is particularly fantastic on this amp, with a thick, warbling three-dimensional quality that belies the amp’s small stature. Still wired for the original 240V power, this Vox comes equipped with a step-up transformer to convert the voltage from US to UK power while maintaining the amp’s originality.

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