1974 Fender Strat, Stag Pole, 100% Original with OHSC, Near Mint!

Left Handed 1974 Fender Strat, Sunburst Finish, Maple Neck, Staggered Pole Pieces, OHSC with trem bar, Near Mint one-owner guitar. Very nice vintage lefty Strat, last of the stag pole Strats, this guitar was not played much at all as evidenced by the lack of fret wear; in fact, the neck looks new!

Has some nicks and scratches on the body, but you have to look close to see them. There is no wear to the wood, even on any of the three sides-please see pics. This is a real survivor/time warp Strat that is an unmolested, original guitar. Has that great Strat weight at only 7.5 lbs; plays and sounds as good as any 70s Strat I’ve had!


Neck Plate: 580xxx
Pot Codes: 137-7433
Pickups: LH 17 35 74

Neck PUP: 5.44K
Middle PUP: 5.44K
Bridge PUP: 5.59K

Depth at 1st Fret: .85”
Depth at 12th Fret: .92”

Last of the stag pole Strats, collector condition/investment grade Strat, just a really fine vintage strat that has it all: looks, playability, tone, weight, and originality!