1972 Fender Jaguar, Original Lake Placid Blue, 100% Original with OHSC

Left Handed 1972 Fender Jaguar, Original Lake Placid Blue Finish, 100% Original with OHSC, EXC Condition. This is a very rare custom color Fender Jaguar, as featured in the book of rare vintage lefties: Uncommon Sound.

The original LPB finish shows the typical green fade that we all love about the vintage LPB finish; this is a classic look that can not be duplicated today! You can see where the color of the uncovered parts of the body has faded moderately over time into a greenish-blue,
as opposed to the true LPB color as seen in the covered parts(under the pickguard and under the neck plate-see pics).

In addition, what makes this LPB Jaguar so special is that the neck profile is the size typically found on mid-59 Gibsons(.89/1st, .98/12th), considered the most perfect of neck profiles and one of the features that makes the 59 Gibsons the most desired of the Golden Era Gibsons.
Many of the pre-CBS Strats which I have owned, for example, have had a thinner neck profile, typically .81/1st, .98/12th, so this Jaguar has a really comfortable neck! Frets show some wear around the first 5 frets, but still have plenty of life left.

Pickups are punchy and responsive, with Neck PUP/6.25K and Bridge PUP/6.51K.

Date codes:
Pots: 304-7248
Neck Stamp: 15 FEB 72 B

Includes original Lefty hard shell case, also in EXC Condition, with all hardware present and working (the latches even spring open!).

If you’re a Lefty and a fan of the Fender Jaguar, this guitar is for you!