1961 Fender Strat, Rare Lefty Slab Board with OHSC!

Very rare left-handed 1961 Fender Strat, strong 3-tone Sunburst finish, survivor guitar in VG+ condition, all original except for newer CTS 250K volume pot & trem arm. This guitar is the brother of my personal 1961 Strat, sharing the same body date(4-61), neck date(11-61),
neck plate serial # range(70xxx), and even the exact same neck PUP output(5.89K)!

1961 is the sweet spot for Fender Strats IMO: the best 3-tone sunburst and tone! My 1961 Strat has been called one of the best sounding vintage Strats by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, who has been working on vintage guitars since 1968. This Strat is the closest thing to that incredible Strat; this is a very rare opportunity for anyone looking for the classic vintage Strat tone without equal!

Body Date: 4/61
Neck Date: 11/61
Neck Plate: 70xxx
Tone Pots: 304-6134
Volume Pot: newer CTS 250K

Neck PUP: 5.89K
Middle PUP: 5.49K
Bridge PUP: 5.62K
1st Fret Depth: .81 “
12th Fret Depth: .98 “
Weight: Approximately 7.5 lbs

The body has some pick wear above the pickguard where it might have been played by a righty at one time. Also has some wear just above the bridge(see pics for both areas). Very nice crack-free Green Guard. Lots of life left on the frets. Back of the guitar is much cleaner. Neck has the gloss worn off for that perfect worn-in feel.

Includes OHSC in EXC Condition, newer trem arm, original back trem cover.

These slab board Strats are the ones to get; and these are very hard to find in Lefty. Here’s your chance to acquire the essence of classic vintage Fender Strat tone!


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2018 Gibson Historic 1959/R9 Les Paul, New with COA/OHSC, Magnificent Top!

This is a Brand New 2018 Left Handed R9 Les Paul, Royal Tea Burst, Gloss Finish, Nickel Hardware, Perfect Les Paul weight at 8.5 lbs.
If you’re in the market for an R9, it’s all about the top. This one has a stunning top, looks great from any angle or light – one of the best Les Paul tops I’ve ever had!
And it plays and sounds as good as it looks – R9s don’t get any better than this!

Model Description
1959 is widely considered to be the pinnacle year for Gibson’s mid-century solid body electric guitars, and no 1959 Gibson model is more famous than the sunburst Les Paul Standard. At first a commercial failure, the model was eventually adopted by some the world’s greatest guitarists – Jimmy Page, Duane Allman, Mike Bloomfield, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and Billy Gibbons, to name a few. The rarity and celebrity association of the model has pushed the values of original examples into the stratosphere. Gibson Custom’s 1959 Les Paul Standard is a painstakingly-accurate replica of these highly-valuable guitars rendered in detail so intricate that even the chemical composition of the parts has been scientifically examined and re-engineered – and that’s just one small example. Sonically, visually, and tactilely, owning a 2018 Gibson Custom Historic ’59 Les Paul Standard is as close as one can get to owning a priceless original!

Wood Species: Lightweight Solid Mahogany Body, 2 Piece Figured Maple Top, Hide Glue Fit
Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Material: Solid Mahogany, Long Tenon, Hide Glue Fit
Neck Profile: Authentic ’59 Medium C-Shape
Scale Length: 24.75″, 62.865cm
Fingerboard Material: Solid Rosewood, Hide Glue Fit
Fingerboard Radius: 12″
Number of Frets: 22
Frets: Historic Medium-Jumbo
Nut Material: Nylon
Nut Width: 1.687″, 42.85mm
End of Board Width: 2.240″, 56.89mm
Inlays: Cellulose Trapezoid
Truss Rod: ’50s Tubeless

Finish: Nickel
Bridge: ABR-1
Tailpiece: Lightweight Aluminum
Tuning Machines: Single Band Kluson Deluxe
Pick Guard: Replica Laminated Acrylic
Control Knobs: Replica Butyrate Gold Top Hats
Switch Tip: Replica Catalin
Switch Washer: Replica Acrylic
Jack Plate Cover: Replica Laminated Acrylic

Neck Pickup: Custom bucker
Bridge Pickup: Custom bucker
Controls: 2 500K CTS Volume Pots, 2 500K CTS Tone Pots, Hand-Wired Harness with Bumblebee Capacitors, Switchcraft Toggle Switch

Strings: 10-13-17-26-36-46
Case: Brown/Pink Lacquered ’50s Replica Case
Other: Die-Cast Switch Plate Medallion (w/ Extra Black Plastic Cover in the Case), Gibson Custom Shop Certificate of Authenticity


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1959 Gibson Les Paul Special, 100% Original, EXC+ Condition!

This is a Left Handed 1959 Gibson Les Paul Special, Double Cutaway, Cherry Finish, 2 P-90s, Wrap Bridge. This is an early 1959 model, and may be the earliest Left Handed Double Cutaway Les Paul Special in existence. The guitar is all original(except it comes in an early 70s Gibson hardshell case), and is in EXC+ condition.

As featured in the book of rare Lefty vintage guitars, Uncommon Sound, and Tony Bacon’s The Ultimate Guitar Book. 1959 – the pinnacle and holiest year for vintage Gibson guitars!


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2015 Kraus OM with Honduran Rosewood, Spectacular, Mint w/ OHSC!

This is an absolutely stunning OM acoustic in MINT/As New Condition. This has been in my personal collection for a few years. In the words of Bill Kraus, the builder: An OM model in my favorite combination of woods: Red spruce top, Honduran rosewood back and sides, curly Koa bindings. I first heard about Bill Kraus from my good friend, Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music in Buffalo, NY. Scott has been a factory authorized Martin repair center since 1979 and has seen the finest 6 figure pre-war Martins. Scott was raving about Bill Kraus, his knowledge of tonewoods, and the insane quality of his guitars. I also learned that Stan Jay of Mandolin Bros. was equally impressed with Kraus Guitars and had started carrying Bill’s guitars in his store. Every Kraus guitar at Mandolin Bros. has sold!

Here’s how Stan described a Model D Honduran Rosewood that Mandolin Bros. had in their store:

“William Kraus, who uses the logo (in highly stylized abalone) “WK” in which both the W and the K seem to be mating or something, is a maker of extremely fine sounding, beautifully hand-crafted guitars, in the traditional design of the great dreadnoughts of the past. This one, however, exceeds all expectations of excellence and beauty in that it has a Honduran rosewood back, sides and headstock overlay. About Honduran Rosewood, according to the website “globaltrees” (edited): Honduran Rosewood is a valuable timber species. Honduran rosewood – a/k/a Dalbergia stevensonii is known only from Belize, Guatemala and southern Mexico. Its valuable rosewood timber is highly sought after for quality products including musical instruments, turnery and carving. Honduran rosewood is reportedly the best wood for marimba and xylophone keys and it has been suggested as an acceptable substitute in guitars for Brazilian rosewood – Dalbergia Nigra — (international trade in which is now banned under CITES). Because it is a Dalbergia, like Brazilian, it sounds absolutely unbelievable!”

This guitar is simply phenomenol and the build quality, materials, and attention to detail are just mind blowing! I have a collection of vintage Golden Era Gibsons, Fenders, Gretschs, and Martins, so it takes a very special guitar to impress me. The Kraus OM delivers in every way! Just check out the rosette: Paua shell bordered by curly Koa wood inlayed into a red Spruce top-simply amazing! And the curly koa fretboard binding is a sight to behold! The Honduran Rosewood is becoming exceeding hard to find, and will probably go the way of Brazilian Rosewood as a protected wood soon. The Honduran Rosewood used on this guitar took months to source, and it looks spectacular! The guitar itself took 16 months to build, and the wait was well worth it, and well beyond expectations!


• UPPER BOUT: 11 3/8
• WAIST: 9 7/16
• LOWER BOUT: 15 1/4
• BODY LENGTH: 19 1/2
• NUT WIDTH 1 3/4


• Top and Bracing : Red(Adirondack) Spruce
• Back and Sides : Quartersawn Honduran Rosewood
• Neck : Honduran Mahogany
• Fingerboard and Bridge : Ebony
• Bindings and Tail Wedge : Curly Koa
• Rosette : Abalone Shell Bordered by Curly Koa
• Tuners : Gotoh 510’s

The Playability of the guitar is outstanding, and has a thin, nicely rounded fast neck. It has a very musical tone, with a particular sweet spot in the upper end. The bluegrass G chord in the 1st position with G/6th string, D/5th strings sounds tremendous on this guitar. Both fingerpicking and strumming are effortless, and jazz chords are well articulated. The volume of the guitar is Loud, and should only increase over time as the top opens up.


The guitar comes with the premium/built- like-a tank acoustic guitar hardshell case from Ameritage. This is a very special left handed acoustic!

Was $3,995 Now $3,200

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1952 Fender Blackguard Tele, Likely the First True Lefty Telecaster Ever Built!

This 1952 Lefty Fender Tele is a one owner original guitar with very strong provenance coming from the original family. Lots of photos, phonograph record and paperwork to accompany the guitar. This includes rare original Form Fit case, Ashtray bridge cover and original Fender Black Guard Telecaster brochure. You can see the brochure has the word Broadcaster blacked out by Fender! Very valuable original color brochure.

1). Finish is 100% original in every way. Beautiful light checking on body.
2). The guitar has its original frets and they are in excellent condition. He likely used Flat Wound strings and this accounts for the great original fret condition.
3). All electronic components are original and performing well:
Neck Date: 3/12/52, Body Date: 1/28/52, Pot Codes: 140 203
4). Some factory original hand chiseling to accommodate lefty configuration. This was done because they did not have a jig for routing left handed guitars.
5). One tuner is changed but the replacement is old and works perfectly.
6). This could easily be the first left handed Telecaster ever made!!!

This is a one owner original guitar coming from the original family. Lots of photos, phonograph record and paperwork to accompany the guitar. This includes rare original Form Fit case, Ashtray bridge cover and original Fender Black Guard Telecaster brochure. You can see the brochure has the word Broadcaster blacked out by Fender! Very valuable original color brochure.

A great playing, incredibly resonant guitar with tremendous vibe!

A very exciting rarity that is truly an exceptional find. Rare beyond compare, a truly historic Fender guitar!


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