1967 Fender Strat (Isle of White Strat), Very Rare and Original, EXC with OHSC!

This is a Hendrix-era 1967 Left Handed Fender Strat with OHSC, 100% original except for a pro refret with 6105s (original frets and nut inside the case). The guitar is in EXC condition with just a few dings and some moderate checking since new.

In general, 1967 Fender Strats are hard to find, let alone a left handed one. Why was 1967 the rarest year for Strats? The rock and blues guitar icons of the day preferred the thicker tone of the 1958-60 Les Pauls with their PAFs, including Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards, Peter Green, Mick Taylor, etc. Fender also was pushing the Jaguar and Jazzmaster, the latter which they considered their top-of-the line guitar. And with CBS at the helm, they were promoting new product, including the dreadful Coronado, introduced in 1966. With Hendrix establishing his hegemony by the end of 1967, the Strat experienced a resurrection in 1968.

I have only seen one other lefty 1967 Strat in over 40 years, and it was a hardtail in nowhere the condition of this guitar. On the other hand, I have owned or sold around 12 Left Handed Teles from 1967, so coming across a lefty 1967 Strat is an extremely rare experience and a true phenomenon!

The guitar has an intriguing background with being special ordered new to the Isle of Wight in the UK. A dealer in the UK found this 1967 lefty Stratocaster at an auction house on the Isle of Wight. After purchasing it the dealer found out the original owner was a local gentleman on the island who had ordered it new in 1967. He’d brought it in to the dealer to sell along with a set of original Isle of Wight Festival Programs.

The electronics are totally untouched with 2 grey bobbins and one black bobbin in the neck (original windings and I have seen mixed Grey/Black pickups from this era). It has a perfect paint stick neck pocket. The solder joints are untouched on the original pots. The hardware is also totally original including all 5 tremolo springs, bridge, all screws, pickguard, knobs, bridge cover, tuners, etc.

The guitar also features cloth wiring and a Gold headstock logo, both which changed in later 1967 to plastic wiring and Black logo. As previously mentioned, the only change to the guitar has been a requisite refret to restore its full playability.

Serial #: 207696
Neck Stamp: 13SEP67B
Pickup Dates: 11-3-66
Pot Codes: 137 6618 (typical on Fenders from 1966-1970)
Pickup Outputs: Neck/5.66K, Middle/5.63K, Bridge/5.90K
Weight: 8 lbs

The guitar comes in its original UK import case in EXC condition, and includes an old strap, original hangtag, trem bar, and bridge cover.

This is an amazing, rare, special, and unique left handed 1967 Fender Strat. Many more pics available upon request. Don’t miss out on this one!


1979 Guild Starfire IV/V Blonde, Rare, EXC with OHSC!

For Sale: Left Handed 1979 Guild Starfire IV/V:

This appears to be a very interesting Hybrid: the model is clearly specified as a Starfire V on the interior label. Guild was not actually making Starfire V’s in the late 70s, however, and V’s generally had a Guildsby, so I’m guessing this was just a mistake. This one seems to be like most Starfire IV’s of the era: harp tailpiece, block inlays, master volume, HB-1 pickups.

The only exception is that it has an ebony fretboard. 70s IV’s generally had block inlays and rosewood fretboards. In the 80s, Guild changed the IV’s to have dot inlays and ebony fretboards. So what we have here is either a rare transitional combination (block inlays with ebony fretboard), or the ebony fretboard was requested as an upgrade. This seems plausible since a left handed Starfire in general would have been a custom order. Ebony fretboards were only on the higher end Starfire VI’s.

The condition of the guitar is EXC, with the cosmetic issues being very minor: some finish wear, especially around the binding, a few small cracks in the fretboard binding, some very small nicks and dings. Overall, very nice for a vintage guitar. As for playability, it’s in perfect shape: straight neck, truss rod moves freely, low action, smooth frets, very silky feel with the ebony fretboard. Weight is around 10 lbs. This is a very rare Vintage Left Handed Guild!


2020 Gibson Custom Shop ’64 ES-335, Cherry, OHSC/COA, EXC!


The Sweet Sound of ’64:

    The Historic Reissue ES-335 is back and better than ever thanks to a year of studying, scanning, and listening to original examples. The expert craftspeople at Gibson Custom Shop have rendered every contour, profile, inlay and color of the priceless vintage models in magnificent detail.

    The result is a playing and ownership experience that will keep you coming back for more. The 1964 Reissue models utilize sharp horn cutaways, medium C-shape neck profiles scanned from originals, small block inlays and vintage-replica parts.

    Was $4995 Now $4500