1966 Mosrite Ventures Mark XII, Super Rare!

This is a factory original Left Handed Mosrite Mark XII 12-string guitar, Ventures model, double-cut solidbody, probably the only lefty ever made! The serial # is T738, dated September 24, 1966 which is displayed in the neck pocket, along with the name, address, and phone number of a prior owner.

This guitar has been professionally refinished in the correct factory Pearl White with matching headstock by Ron Thorn of Thorn Guitars(www.thornguitars.com).

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1967 Fender Tele, Superb Tone & Playability, EXC!

1967 Fender Tele, Blonde finish with DARK & nicely figured Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, super clean condition, 100 % original condition. Includes right handed period-correct case with tail logo; I’ve seen a similar 1967 left handed Blonde Tele that also came with a righty period-correct case, so it may be original. Also comes with original ashtray bridge cover.

This has the modern, post-deep rhythm Tele wiring that started around mid-1967. This allows you to access the in-between PUPs setting in the middle position. I really like the way this Tele plays and sounds. It has an exceptional bottom-end, one of the better Fenders I’ve heard. The neck pocket has a nice tight fit, which may account for the great tone and vibe of this guitar.

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1964 LEFTY Fender Jazzmaster, Blonde Finish, Mint with OHSC!

This guitar has been inspected by British luthier Clive Brown, who comments:

“The 1964 Fender Jazzmaster in Blonde is the cleanest Jazzmaster I have seen, on inspecting the guitar I would advise not to remove the pickguard or neck for fear of the guard cracking because of the very tight fit or the neck causing the finish to chip. Anyone who knows what they are looking at should be able to tell that this guitar is as near to new condition as any 1964 guitar can be. A left handed ash bodied Blonde Jazzmaster in this condition including white tolex case is one of the rarest Jazzmasters available.”

What can you say? This is a rare pre-CBS custom color Jazzmaster, unmolested and a true time capsule, an absolute investment-grade instrument – and it’s a LEFTY! This is one of the cleanest vintage guitars I’ve seen; you just don’t see them this pristine…………and when you do, you gotta grab it!

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1966 Fender Tele, Maple Cap, 100% Original, Investment Grade!

This is an unmolested, no issues, investment grade 1966 Blonde Fender Tele with the desirable maple cap neck. This guitar is 100% original and includes original bridge cover, strap, Fender booklet, and OHSC. The case is as clean as the guitar with no separation of inner lining and both latches spring open!

One thing that really stands out on this guitar is it’s loud unplugged – maybe the best Fender I’ve had in this regard. And then when you do plug it in, it does not disappoint: an extremely lively and resonant vintage Tele!

The guitar has been inspected and set-up perfectly by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, and plays and sounds fantastic!

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