Hello Alex,

The guitar finally arrived at me. Customs clearance was slower than expected due to Corona’s influence, It arrived at me in perfect condition without any damage. It is the perfect guitar for me as I wish. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And thank to buyer too.

Koo/S Korea

Hi Alex

My guitar arrived today and she is perfect! Thank you so much for all your help!

The packing was excellent so she’s safe and sound! Can’t wait to get home tonight and play!

Photo below to show you she arrived in great shape!

Thanks again!

James M/Singapore

Hi Alex,

Just got the amp up and running.
Thanks so much. The amp is amazing.
Thanks for taking great care of it.

Rob W/CA

Hi Alex,

Thank you for an awesome packing Job. The Guitar looks, sounds and feels great. Love the sound that you get with that kind of tailpiece unplugged.

It’s super light as well.

Thank you again for an awesome Guitar.


Jan M/CA

Alex – sorry I have not been able to get back to you. But the guitar is great, came well shipped and no damage. Thank you very much for everything you did and helping me to acquire the instrument. If anything interesting comes your way, I’m always available to take a look.

David S/FL

Hi Alex,

I indeed received the guitar last Friday which is extremely fast, also without any additional taxes levied by Customs, which I have never experienced before…

The guitar arrived in excellent condition, no issues whatsoever! Great looking guitar! Will give it a test upcoming weekend.

Thanks and regards,

Ben D / Netherlands

Hi Alex,

Everything is great with the LP Special! The guitar looks and sounds killer. Great setup and the frets are in better shape than I was expecting for a 60 year old guitar.

Thanks again for all your attention in getting this guitar into my hands.

Alex M/CAN

Hi Alex ! Wow, exactly the one that I’ve dreamed of ! Thank you very much for your help, without you it would have been impossible. I’m so happy and proud !!!!!

And thank you for the sending, it was really well packed ???❤️ ! Can’t wait to really try it with an AMP !!!!!

Jef N/France

WOW!!! I mean I’ve got a hell of a collection, but this one… WOW!!!

This may actually be The One for me. Its the TOTAL Package: Tone, touch, balance and beauty! It is stellar!

Greg K/CA

Hi Alex,
The guitar arrived safely this week . I put a set of 13s on it, and it plays and sounds great….one of the most balanced archtops I’ve played.
Setup out of the gate was perfect – I did not need to adjust a thing aside from the action. Kudos to your luthier for the fantastic setup, and thanks again for the great guitar.

Justin M / VA

Hi Alex….Received the guitar today and it’s a monster. Love it. Thx a million!

Jeff F/CAN

Guitar arrived –looks and sounds great. Thank you very much for getting it here.

Matt R/CA

Everything arrived just fine. I’m glad you’re not a righty.

Jeff H/TN

Hi Alex,
Just to say she has arrived safe & sound! I am really pleased! the build quality and components seem great!
The pups sound really good as well! very responsive and much more fatter sounding than my R0.
Great top! great neck! great guitar! thanks again Alex for everything! especially for giving me the opportunity and first choice of the two! I am very grateful.
I’m always looking on your website! so might be In touch soon! please keep me in mind if you get anything else interesting come up!
Take care and keep well Alex, all the best my friend! Cheers!
Kindest Regards,

Craig C/OH

Love the guitar, Alex!!! Thanks so much!!!

Dave C/UK

Hey there Alex,

Opened the case today. I didn’t realize that you put in some packing wrap in the case as well. Wow. The guitar was fine. No issues with it.

I’ve been like a kid on Christmas, been playing it all day. I can see how you were unsure whether you wished to part with it.

Take care,

Craig C/OH

Hello Alex,
The guitar was delivered today! I have not had the privilege of seeing nor playing a guitar of this caliber. : ) Thanks so much. Happy Holidays.

Matt F/MI

Hi Alex,
The guitar is absolutely amazing. Plays like butter. Through my Vibro King is breathtaking.
Thank you.

Glen G/NY

Hi Alex,

The Heritage is a thing of beauty. It is such a lovely guitar, thanks.

Take it easy and thank you for shipping the guitar even when you weren’t feeling up to it.

Kind regards,

Jon B/UK

Hello Alex! I got yesterday night the R6 Goldtop so happy about it! Is in pristine condition as you told me like it never have been played!
I like the mellower tone of the P90s thank you very much for your recommendation!! Alex if you find a vintage Strat, Goldtop, or 335 lefty please let me know. I can’t wait to have the real deal!!
Keep in touch.

Carlos B/TX

Received the Rickenbacker today in perfect condition.
Thanks for fast shipment and good packaging.

Tom C/NC

Hi Alex,

Thank you so much! I received the guitar today and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Jon B/UK

Solid all the way. Would do business again. Thanks for the great SG!!

Doug A/OH

Alex is the best.!!!!! Awesome trusted seller. I’d like to do business again with Alex. Highly Recommend !!!!!!!

Philip C/AR


I got the LP. Man this is one sick guitar! It’s the best of the 4 Standard’s I’ve owned no doubt. I’ll never own a real “Burst” but this should be a worthy stand in.

Paul H/FL

Awesome seller. Fast shipment. Great packing job.


Hi Alex,

The Ricky arrived today, beautiful guitar. Needs new strings and a set up and it should be good to go.

Thanks again!

Peter B/MA

Hi Alex,

I finally got the guitar today – she is a beauty and came well protected and well packed. Thanks for doing the deal and sorting shipping.
The 335 is a beauty. If that guitar was built in Nashville in the Custom Shop, I would not have any issues at all – the guy who makes them at Memphis, he should be at Nashville.
Have you got contacts at Gibson? I have been after one of these for a long time and every time one came up it got sold. There were a few made in 2015 when they first came on the scene that were for sale in England, but not many.
I am quite pleased that Gibson Memphis only made one this year and I have it and you say they are not making anymore. This guitar is as good as a historic from the Nashville side of Gibson.
I take it they are made with cheaper materials at Memphis and also Gibson is in limbo and is going into administration. Anyway, thanks Alex – you are a cool guy ? with a top guitar collection.

?Thanks again,

Justin M/UK

Les Paul is great, gonna give it a play tonight!

Thanks again for the Les Paul,

Paul J/UK

Alex Pavchinski has all the best toys for sale, especially for us lefties! Thanks my friend!

Greg K/CA

Hi Alex,

I hope you’re fine.

Just to let you know that I finally received the Tele last week. It was worth the wait! It is a fine instrument, indeed. Sounds great and looks fine, just as you had described it.

Thanks again for collaborating with Joseph on this special transaction and for your professionalism.

All the best. Have a great weekend.


Nick V/CH

Hi Alex,
She arrived safe & sound! thanks to your excellent packing! I’m over the moon with her! it has a lovely sound and feel to it, a beautiful top! and great color! I’m so pleased.
I can’t thank you enough Alex for everything you have done for me – I always keep myself updated with your website and dream about the guitars you own, have and have had in the past!
I hope to deal with you again Alex! Keep well my friend and all the best!
Kindest Regards,

Dave C/UK

This seller is 100% straight up one of the best out there. Communications, service, packaging and customer care are top-of-the-line.
I would highly recommend this seller to anyone at any time. Many thanks & look forward to doing business again!

Mark F/TX

Prompt shipping, great condition – great transaction!

Solomon H/CA

OMG!!!! I’ve never played a guitar this warm….. the tone is stunning! It has smooth lows and clear detailed highs. Rare that any guitar can do both so well.
Silky smooth is how this sounds….. like you said if only you could get more of these! Gibson Nashville is always an extra cut above for some reason compared to Memphis.
I’m guessing you aren’t left handed….. thanks for selling this jewel of a jazz box. I bet even Wes Montgomery would have taken this particular 175 over his L-5. its special!


Andrew M/CA

Alex, Received the D-28! All is good with it. Sorry I couldn’t email you sooner. Due to the funeral and family get-together, I didn’t get home to open it until around 7:30 last night.
And then my friend and I played it until late. Absolutely love it! Thanks for making the deal! Hoping it will be in my family a long time! All my best…

Johnny W/GA


I received and looked it over. Looks Great! I strummed it a couple of times with out tuning or playing and since then I haven’t had time to play it. But I love the sound of it already!! The base is terrific!!
The packing job that you did was really good. Thank you!!!!

Over all I am completely satisfied with the transaction. I plan to use it in the new few days!!

Kind regards,

Charlie R/MA

Hi Alex…The Guitar arrived in perfect condition and it is beautiful..beyond my expectations…I’ve only been able to play it for about 30 min but it fits like a glove and the tone is absolutely amazing.
What a Christmas present…even if it’s to me, from me!

Hope you and your family have a great holiday and new year!

Many Thanks,

Tom K/CA

Hi Alex, I have received this marvelous Jazz Bass, thank you for your seriousness and honesty. No words to explain!! After 37 years I found Jazz Bass L, no refin. When I’m playing her my head, my body, my heart, my fingers hear in interior of me. I take care of her like a young lady before God. You are a great man Alex, take care of you, God protect you. I think of the man who sell this bass, it’s difficult for him ?!? When I come back to Miami, I go to Sarasota to see you if you want! I think that two or three nights it’s difficult for me to sleep, so many emotions. Keep in contact between us for others basses!!! Very professional man, mister Alex!! Take care of you, have a nice day – I’m so happy!

Andre M/France

Just got jamming for about an hour. Love that super thin neck profile. Pickups sound great.
Nice guitar man, thanks!

Charlie N/MN

Hi Alex,

I have just received the guitar and everything is OK. You packed it very well, thank you.

Best regards,

Andy P/Romania

Hello Alex,

The guitar arrived safely. It is in a very good state.

Thank you,

Aki I/Japan

Very nice Alex, great asset to my collection.

Nigel G/UK

Thanks Alex, I really love it!

Steven K/MN

Hi Alex,
Just had friends bring the Strat back from Fort Lauderdale and its here now in Bristol, Uk.
Every bit as good as you said it was, thank you. She is a stunner and I’m amazed its in such good condition for a 36 year old guitar.

Thanks again for all your help.

Chris C/UK

Hi Alex: All accessories received. I’m well pleased to be the proud owner of such a unique instrument and accessories. The quality is amazing and you certainly packed it well! I will probably never will be a great player or rock star but its a great motivator for improvement and self development.
Maybe in the future you may have for sale a left handed Braz R6 and R0 of equal quality. Please keep me informed of any rare and unusual gear that comes your way. Apologies for my slow computing response and I hope you are safe from the Florida floods.
Many thanks and kind regards, Richard from St Albans UK.

Richard C/UK

Guitar is awesome, thanks!!

Joe B/CA

Hi Alex: All accessories received. I’m well pleased to be the proud owner of such a unique instrument and accessories. The quality is amazing and you certainly packed it well! I will probably never will be a great player or rock star but its a great motivator for improvement and self development.
Maybe in the future you may have for sale a left handed Braz R6 and R0 of equal quality. Please keep me informed of any rare and unusual gear that comes your way. Apologies for my slow computing response and I hope you are safe from the Florida floods.
Many thanks and kind regards, Richard from St Albans UK.

Richard C/UK


I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the guitar arrived
earlier today and is in perfect shape. I have been grinning all night. It
sounds amazing through my old AC-30…(and unplugged, too) I don’t even need
the compression pedal.

It took a little time for the strings to settle….but now that they are used
to being in tune….they ring like a bell and the neck fits my hand/playing
style perfectly. When I am not playing it, I am staring at it. This guitar
is special.

Semper Fi!/Ed T/CA

Hi Alex,

I want to thank you very much for your very professional way to do this transaction, and all the effort you made to complete the deliveries on best possible way.
I am very pleased with the guitar. It is very resonant and the vibes from the wood, the harmonics, are very rich. I got it professionally reset slightly to my convenience by a very good friend, and I am really happy with it.

Thanks again, and maybe we will be in touch again for another deal in the future, as you always have nice lefties for sale (even if I keep on saying that I should have everything I need as vintage lefties already !…).

All the best,

Sebastien P/France

Hi Alex. Today I received 355 and BB King book; because of my business trip I received a few days later . Thank you for your kindness.
The guitar is perfect and I enjoy it with the book. This is my best deal. Now Gibson will not make a special order left-hand guitar.
I’m very happy and lucky I could deal with you . Thank you again and please keep in touch. I will follow your home page.

Best regards,

Hidehiko N/Japan

Hello Alex,

Just a few words to say that I’ve safely received the ’38 today.
Frankly, this guitar is spectacular. It”s waking up, there’s an authoritative lead tone here, reminiscent of the Clapton’s Unplugged. Thanks to the Adirondack top, too.

I’m really happy that things went well that way,

I hope we’ll work together in the future for further transactions.

Let’s keep in touch!


Hello Alex,

I’ve received the ’47 today, in good condition. Thanks for having take card of it!
It’s a really beautiful guitar, really far better than I could imagine.

Have you notice how big and round the neck shape is? Like a big box Jazz Gibson guitar.

12 hours later, played, cleaned a bit, it’s waking up, and the tone is incredible, surprisingly loud and clear for a Sitka top. This is a damn’ good guitar.

Kevin C/Corsica

Good Evening Alex,

My apologies for the late reply, it was a rather late night last night! The lady of the house invited a few friends over and
I was able to play and A/B with my other “fiddles” using 2 vintage tube amps and my standard software sims. She’s got tone and feel for days.
The neck is thicker, but not difficult to get accustomed to. The harmonic qualities are simply ridiculous. I thought my PRS Custom 22 and 24
were going to be difficult to surpass in that bell-like tone, but I was mistaken. Effortless fretting, great feel, light weight…I’m extremely satisfied.
Thank you so much for introducing me to “Nikki”. I’m very happy and for the first time in years my fingers might actually bleed, lol.

Thanks again and hope to contract more business with you in the near future. Kindest regards,

Nathan R/TX

I had the absolute pleasure of dealing with Alex of Lefty Vintage Guitars for the very first time with the purchase of my first ES335 Dot.
Alex is punctual, friendly and direct with his email responses to all of my questions and that for me, made this transaction a very smooth one.
When this guitar arrived and I opened it up, I could not have been happier. It is really beautiful and I am really very happy.
Alex, you have really provided an excellent service with fast and safe shipping and an extremely well packaged guitar.

I can tell you that at the same time as I was dealing with you I had bought another guitar from another specialist Lefty store and it took over 2 weeks after I paid for it to even get out the door.
Yet another player (Lefty Business) had not even responded at all to email requests about an instrument. You sir are offering a first rate service and I am very thankful for that.
International shipping of large items has the potential to be a nightmare. Alex, you made this transaction anabsolute dream. We will be doing business again!

Rich T/ Australia


Great guitar on all fronts… tried it with my amps and effects at home… Fantastic… Even sounds heavenly just clean with no effects…
Compared it to my circa 2000 Westerly Starfire IV (with non stock PAF style pickups) and it sure is different… Sustains for days and sings like no other guitar I’ve got!

Thanks a lot and all the best!

Phil B/Canada

Hi Alex,

I got the guitar this morning, and I opened the box, and I nearly teared. I was so happy to get it because I have been waiting a very long time.
It is a wonderful sounding and playing guitar. Easily beats every other guitar I have played. Initially I was worried about the neck shape and size, but Alex it is perfect. It isn’t heavy at all either.
I really want to thank you for giving me this opportunity. I can’t describe the sound really, but I can say that it sustains forever, and there are harmonics that I have never heard from any modern Les Paul guitar.
I don’t know how to describe it really, but god it is just such a wonderful guitar. I know I only need this guitar in my life, and I need no other.

Thank You So Much,

Cooper S/CA


Guitar is great. I have been looking for a player like this a long time.
If this were mint, it would literally just be hidden in a closet, but this one is going to be always out.
But the guitar is awesome! I love it!

James R/HI

Alex, This white 63 is a true juju machine. A beast!

Paul C/FL

Hi Alex,

I’ve got the guitar yesterday!!
It is the 4th guitar from you.
It is so beautiful and gorgeous!!
I love to play and hear the 12 strings sound.
Thank you so much!!

Yoshi T/Japan

Alex, wow…plays like butter. It’s bad ass.
Thanks man!

John S/GA

Thanks Alex!! I got the guita well, thanks. This guitar is beautiful!!

June-ho L/S Korea

I had the great pleasure of working with Alex at Lefty Vintage Guitars again, this time he helped me acquire a second, very special Gibson.
I asked him to help me with a special-order from the Gibson Custom Shop, an ES 335 in a Beale St. Blue burst!
For this project he worked closely with his friends at Gibson; and working through the Made To Measure program he helped me get the Perfect Gibson!
It was a 6 month process, you pay up front and place an order; if you want something outside the norm, say a Left Handed Beale St. Blue Burst ES 335, you have to wait for Henry to sign off.
All the while, Alex was following up with Gibson and kept me in the loop, I never had to think about it, Alex would shoot me an email, or a text, and I would know we were in line and on track.
As always it was a total pleasure working with Alex, he is always professional and willing to help you with every detail; no question was too small, he has a wealth of knowledge and the patience of Job.
I can call Alex and ask about a certain guitar I’m looking for and if he doesn’t have it, he’ll find it.
If you play left handed, and you want a beautiful quality guitar, Vintage or new, contact Alex first-let him save you time and money!

Joseph M/CA

Hi Alex,
the guitars are here safely, great guitars, many thanks, I’ll keep in touch.
Drop me an email if you come across any more nice lefties,
Best regards,

Nigel G/UK

Hey Alex,

It just arrived and I love it. Even better in person.
I just plugged in and jolted a few neighbors!

Thanks and all the best,

Tom W/CA

Hey Alex, how are you? AMP SOUNDS GREAT!!! I LOVE THE TONE!!!
TAKE CARE!!!! Sincerely,

Chaz P/CO

Hello Alex. Received the R9 yesterday and it is beautiful. Love the lemon more than I thought.
Back mahogany was really special. Really happy. Thanks again,

Tom K/WY

Hi Alex,

The Strat arrived today, yes, she’s a beauty. Just tuned her up and played a bit, wonderful. Love that single coil hum.
Thanks again for the nice addition to the collection,

Pete B/IL


I received the guitar and it looks stunning! I appreciate the great service.
It’s always a pleasure doing business with good people.


Brian D/MI

Hi Alex,

Just to tell you that I got the guitar. What a sound! Once again thanks a lot.
I might want to buy something else soon so if you have anything coming let me know!


Arthur F/NYC

Dear Alex-san,

I have finally received 1959 reissue Les Paul today. It’s very
beautiful and light weighted one; moreover it sounds great!

Thank you very much for your arrangements.
It’s my best guitar and I love it very much…

Best regards,

Sakou Y/Japan

Hi Alex.
Just received the guitar. It’s a very beautiful guitar!
Pickguard is yellowish, which is awesome.
It looked very white on the photos on the website, so this was a good surprise.

I will be away for a week, so I don’t have time to play this guitar at the moment, but I checked
all the electronic and it works totally fine.

Can’t wait to play this guitar more! Thank you very much!

Kaz Y/NY

Hi Alex,

I’ve got the Rickenbacker this Monday.
This is really nice and beautiful guitar.
Thanks for all !!


Yoshikazu T/Japan

Hi Alex,

I’ve certainly received the guitar.
This is the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever had.
Thank you so much for perfect packing and I’ll wait for the next gear.


Yoshikazu T/Japan

Hi Alex,

To get this deal through successfully was not likely to happen in the beginning.
Trading vintage guitars with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard requires a lot of work with the relevant officers,
also it requires patience and constant contact, all of which you have done with great effort and reliability.

This guitar came from Florida safely to Germany. It is an immaculate beauty, the description of Alex was a perfect match with what I found.
Then, the guitar has been prepared for forwarding with great care, all stuffing, boxing etc. was done 100% to ensure this instrument flies over the Atlantic without a scratch.

All I can say is thank you for this great, great job, it made me my personal Christmas present 2013. You are my first choice guitar dealer.


Stefan G/Germany

Alex, I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED with this guitar !!! Your description was spot-on, and there were no surprises when I examined/played the guitar.
When you stated this was a special piece you certainly were not over-hyping a ho-hum Gibson reissue Les Paul.
This one is indeed a keeper and I look forward to doing business again in the near future!

Sincerely, John T/KY

I found a Lemon Burst Gibson Custom online for a BUNCH, so i shopped around – Found Lefty Vintage Guitars, Emailed Alex

had the same guitar for $1,400 LESS! THE EXACT Same Axe!
After speaking with him, I had full confidence that he had what I wanted and was Honest enough for me to send him my money via Bank Wire.

Good people who sell hard to get Left Handed Guitars can be “Too Busy” or just not want to put in the effort on the outside chance you’re just

“Kicking Tires.”

Alex spent time with me on the phone and email and helped me to make my choice and – I am Happy he did, I have formed a long term

Business Relationship with a Great guy.

If he doesn’t have something you want, Email him or call because he’ll get it! Now he’s looking for an American Fender Strat for me.

Thank you again,

Joseph M/CA

Hi Alex, the Lemon Burst arrived yesterday. I’m loving it; what a beauty!

‘ll be getting more free time to play on it in the next few weeks.

It’s calling me to play Zeppelin stuff…If I post something I’ll send you a link!

Kirk H/Alberta, Canada

Hi Alex, Guitar is here and great too;
It is awesome !!

Thanks again,

Brian G/WI

Alex, it’s superb, arrived safely. Thank you very much Alex.
I look forward to having the opportunity to doing more business with
Lefty. Outstanding…..

Sammy Z/TX

Hi Alex,
I received the guitar, sounds great !
Thanks for everything.

Ron L/Quebec Canada

Hi Alex… Everything is great with the Les Paul. It’s beautiful man. Sounds killer.
Thank you so much!

James S/CA

Hi Alex,

Got the guitar today, what a beauty! Thanks!

Kirk H/Alberta, Canada


I received the pedal today as promised. It’s absolutely the best sounding overdrive pedal I’ve ever used.
Thanks for your outstanding customer service. I knew what was going on during every part of the transaction.
You can expect more business from me.

Bill K/MD

Hi Alex,

Everything is good. The guitar is stunning. Beautiful piece!
Someone really took care of it. Warm Regards,

Brian D/MI

Hi Alex,

I received the bass this morning. It sounds great!!! thank you for the proper packing etc.


Steve N/NYC

Hi Alex,

Just a quick note to say how satisfied I am with not only the R9 guitar,
but all the great service and support you provided during the whole process.

The pictures on the site, the packing and the shipping logistics.

I will definitely be working with you in the future.


Eric K/Quebec Canada


I just opened the case and I must tell you that I am more than pleased with this guitar. I cant wait to spend the days and years playing it!
Thank you for being such a reliable dealer everything you wrote in the posting and everything you told me on the phone was absolutely totally accurate,
and that sir is a real rarity in this day and age!!! In this day and age it is good to know that there are guys like you doing business.
Again my many thanks for you service.



Hi Alex,

Today I picked the guitar up at the customs office!
Right now I’m sitting here in my office, playing the guitar unplugged with a big smile on my face and yes, this baby plays really great.
Later I’ll meet my guitar teacher for doing some practice, man, I’m really excited….Thanks for all, for our layaway agreement and for this very kind and friendly correspondence –
I appreciate this very much. I wish you all the best, a successful business, but the main thing is: keep well and fit. If you like, we’ll keep up our contact.
Maybe I need another nice lefthand guitar, e.g. a 12-string Ricky or a Gretsch 1962 Country Gentleman …. 🙂

Best regards

Burkhard A/Germany

Got it! It’s beautiful, and Scott did a marvelous job on the setup with my string of choice.
I’ll be jamming tonight!

Rob S/CT

Hey Alex,

Guitar arrived yesterday afternoon and is truly stunning. I’ve always loved the tobacco burst and this one has terrific flame – absolutely gorgeous!
Thanks for packing it well, it made the trip without a hitch. Just got done playing it and man does the thing have some sustain! It will hold a note until tomorrow!
This is a full 2 lbs lighter than my Les Paul Custom – amazing! Wait until the guys in the Worship band see this ’59, they’re gonna flip!
Thanks again for bringing guitars like this to the market at a more reasonable price for the rest of us and although not cheap,
it was at a price point that I could convince my wife of – that and I badgered her until she relented!!
It was a pleasure to deal with you from start to finish, keep up the good work and Keep in touch.
I would surely purchase more guitars from you, but alas, I don’t want to put my poor wife through all my whining again – LOL – and what in the world would I need something other than this ’59 and Custom for anyway?
Thanks again for working with me…


Steve Y/ N.J.

It was a pleasure doing business with Alex. He called me back almost immediately after I left him a message.
I needed to confirm that he could ship USPS and had a couple questions about the guitar.
When I tried to send payment, I found my paypal account had a problem- I needed ‘confirm location’- which ended up taking a snail mail letter and a couple weeks to resolve.
Alex ‘held’ the guitar for me, which I very much appreciate. The shipping from Florida to Guam took less than a week, which is as good as it can get.
And the guitar- a 20 year old Rick 360- was every bit as good as it looked in the pictures, and sounded way better!

Thanks again, Alex. I’m loving the guitar. It does sound great plugged in…..

Mike S/GU

Hi Alex,

Here is bringing you the great news that my guitar arrived safely this morning and I could not be more pleased with it.

Many thanks for such a superb transaction especially during Christmas week with all those parcels being delivered out there.

Wishing you good fortune for the coming New Year,

James M/UK


I hope all is well! I’m really enjoying the guitar, it’s a great player… as well as a looker!

Kristian B/S.C.

The Ric 370 guitar arrived safe and sound. Perfectly happy. Thanks, Alex.


Hi Alex,
I just got the monster, she is very very beautiful, thank you for this deal and your patience .



The guitars are stunning! They are nice additions to my collection. I appreciate getting a heads up on other cool pieces you come across.


B.D. / MI

A great LP Forum member sold this really cool ES-335 TDC to me. Awesome, deep cherry red color, great neck profile, plays like a dream and sounds killer!
Came with an original hang tag that has the ES-335 TD stamp on it (barely visible). My contact at Gibson pulled the shipping log, and this baby shipped in February of 1964.
Just like Slowhand’s geetar from the Cream days. I’m in love again!

Mike S/Denver CO

Alex san,

I came back from the long overseas business trip.
And the guitar was checked instantly.
It was a wonderful good guitar as your explanation.
Having been packed up severely made me sure of your shop being reliable.
This guitar will become my partner after adjusting to my liking.

Best Regards


She’s here, all is intact! Wow what an awesome guitar. Thanks so much, can’t wait to get it restrung.
Thanks for the great packing and shipping overnight. Appreciate it!


Hi Alex

The guitar is wonderful and you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.
I don’t know if you have any information on its provenance but it looks as if it was owned and played by an old guy in an evangelical church band who wiped it down and put it in its case after Sunday service for 40 years – amazing condition.
I am quite surprised by the colour as it looked quite grey on your website photos but is actually much more of a buttermilk creamy colour. It feels superb and I will be plugging in this afternoon when the family are out.

I feel privileged to be the custodian of this instrument. My bandmates’ jaws will drop when I get it out at rehearsal on Monday. I’ll send photos once it’s been on stage.

Best wishes,


Hi Alex,

The guitars arrived in perfect condition. Had a quick play of both. Those P 90’s are hot. 355 is working with both my y cable and with the lead only partially put in so its all covered.
Thanks for your faultless service. I’m sure it won’t be the last guitar I source through you. Like every other lefty I’m after a 60’s 335.



I received the Rocketfire intact. Thanks very much for jumping on it.
It plays and sounds great. I own three other Rocketfire’s all of which were built prior to Nick making his own parts in house.
This one is my favorite so far, and two of the others will now go on the selling block.


Hi Alex,

I opened the package and inspected the R8 this morning( Saturday) .The guitar appears undamaged from shipping and was as described.
The guitar was accurately described Alex & I could not be more pleased with my purchase .

I look forward to doing additional future business with you and am pleased to have had the opportunity to do so.
As I mentioned in a prior email I am hopeful of acquiring a 2003 1960 LP RO & 1958 LP R8 BRW Flametops and a few other additional guitars and hopefully have additional opportunities to do more business with you .

Many Thanks Alex ,


Outstanding seller. Gold top exactly as described. Prompt and a pro.


Excellent seller, very helpful and patient with the transaction.


Excellent seller, accurate description, excellent communication, highly recommended.


Yes, thank you Alex. Great service mate.


Hi Alex,

Thanks so much! We really enjoyed meeting you and thank you so much for spending the time showing me all of the helpful tips and tricks.
Jesse is thrilled with the guitar and we had a lot of fun playing with it together last night – it was like Christmas all over!

Thanks so much!


Alex, Just received the guitar. It is stunning! Please keep in touch as you come across other cool lefties. Best,


Hi Alex, the guitar arrived today!! What a beautiful guitar! it’s in perfect conditions, and plays fantastic…

Thank’you very much.


Yes, sorry for the lateness! I absolutely love it, thanks so much and it arrived in great condition.


I received the guitar this morning ! Lucky i am, i have a rest day today (all my little familly is sick so i am at home to help).
Package was great, and guitar is really as new ! I cannot believe how mint it is : fantastic.
It sounds really great too, in a near voicing of my collings : really good stuff.


Thanks for doing business with you Alex, you handled it all very professional
and are a true gentleman 🙂


Hello Alex,
I have recu the guitar yesterday nikel the sound is genial on my mesa boogie thank you still and good continuation on ebay


Alex, Got it! Thanks. What a gorgeous guitar!!! Cheers,


Dear Wonderful ALEX,

I got the guitar a little while ago and she is stunning and plays great just like I remember. I love you, I love you, I love you… In a manly kind of way of course…hahahahaha. You rock dude, thanks for such an easy transaction I will give you great feedback,you deserve it.

Best holiday wishes,


Hey Alex,

Thanks for everything you have done to make this a wonderful experience. This is now the second Guy Brown Hamer I have come in contact with, go figure.
Best Wishes & gratitude,


Good morning Alex.

It is wonderful!!
King’s condition is very good and sound is what I wanted itself.
I cant understand why the pre-owner selled this great King^^.

I can not get sleep easily tonight.
Thank you Alex,

J.Y./ S. Korea

Alex is a wonderful person to work with.


Better then advertised. Fast service+++/Excellent quality guitar-thank you+++


Hi Alex, good reception !! very nice guitar and the old P90 sound, Thanks a lot,

T. H. / France

Hi Alex,

LP arrrived safely and all is in order. Gave it a quick test drive and very impressed – particularly like the pups. Exactly as you decribed and super job of packing.

Thanks, Rick/IL