Lefty 1975 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass with OHSC, EXC Condition!

Left Handed 1975 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass, Jetglo/Black finish, 100% original, EXC Condition with OHSC. OA Date Code = Jan/1975. Very nice lefty vintage Rick bass!


1970′s Rickenbacker 4001, black finish with white binding, pickguard, pickup cover (with dampening mechanism), rosewood fingerboard with triangle inlays, 2 single-coil pick-ups, Rick-o-Sound stereo outputs, toggle switch. Most often associated with the classic rock sounds of Deep Purple (see magnificent trippy artwork on album cover “Machine Head”) as played by Roger Glover. Add Sir Paul McCartney in later Beatles and much of Wings recordings and live performances, Chris Squire of Yes and Geddy Lee of Rush in their earlier years… a monster bass to add perfectly to the Precision arsenal. This baby features a round neck and baseball bat feel akin to an old Tele, easy to get around on and obtaining a very quick feel. Not heavy but yielding a ton of sustain, the Rick 4001 bass is full of tonal soundscapes which no other instrument could impart. The treble pickup barks and the bass is warm and thick but (imho) the “piece de resistance” is the combo of the two which yields a funkiness like no other. Great classic rock sounds, period.

Specs: Rickenbacker 4001 with 2 single-coil pickups, Rick-o-Sound stereo outs, dampening system, rosewood neck, triangle inlays.

Tone: Warm and meaty neck position, punchy treble and funky honk in the combo position.

Look: Big bodied (maple) and cool headstock, sleek neck (maple) and nicely crafted fingerboard to boot.

Feel: Fast playability and great balance.

History: Brought back into commission as a Rick 4003. Squire, Lee, McCartney and Glover instantly place this one into the Hall of Fame of rock basses.

Desirability: The tone alone (and coolness factor) gives the 4001 a high ranking. sss-sweeeet!