1955 Fender Tele, Refin Body Only(1954 Date), with OHSC

This is a factory Left Handed Fender Telecaster, with 1954 Body Date(neck pocket), 7-55 Neck Date, Left Hand(LH) markings in bridge PUP cavity and back of neck, and Serial # 1975. Pot codes are covered by solder on both pots and are not discernible.

Fender stamped the serial numbers for Teles on the front of the bridge through 1954, and serial numbers were not Sequentially arranged but randomly selected from the batch of bridges manufactured and stamped in 1951.

This Tele is identical in body and neck dates to a stellar 1956 Tele I had years ago: 1954 Body with 1955 Neck: http://www.leftyvintageguitars.com/1956FenderTele.html. So we now know there are 2 surviving factory Left Handed Teles from this period!

The pots on the 1956 were 304 620(20th week of 1956). The pots on this Tele are obscured by the solder, but appear to be from the same period.

This Tele comes from the Nashville area, where it was purchased by the current owner from a professional Musician in the Grand Old Opry around the mid-1990s. At the same time, the body was taken to renowned Nashville luthier, Joe Glaser, and the body only was refinished in the original Blonde color. As you can see from the pics, the neck maintains a wonderful patina from considerable wear.

As is true with most vintage guitars that show a fair amount of wear, this Tele sounds like a good one – the owner describes it as “having a terrific tone and playability!”

The Tele currently has a newer Black pickguard installed for the “Blackguard” look, but the guitar does come with the original White pickguard. Also includes original factory left handed tweed hard case.

The current owner is accepting offers of over $20K for consideration.

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Left-Handed 1956 Fender Tele, 100% Original, EXC Condition with OHSC, Extremely Rare Vintage Lefty!

Left Handed 1956 Fender Tele, 100% Original, OHSC, EXC Condition. This is an extremely rare, desirable, and unmolested lefty vintage guitar-I have only seen 2 other lefty Teles from the 50s! Body is dated 1954, neck is dated 7-55, pots are Stackpole 304620(20th week of 1956), neck plate is 113xx. Fender probably made a run of a few lefties from 1954, so they used what bodies were available in later years from that original inventory, something we’ve often seen with Fender lefty vintage guitars from the 50s and 60s. Has Lefty markings on bottom of bridge PUP, bridge PUP cavity, and bottom of neck(see pics).

As is consistent with the other 2 lefty 50s Teles, the bridge is stamped in the 196x range(1960). This is something mentioned in THE book on Teles: AR Duchossoir’s The Fender Telecaster on p.70(a detailed discussion of bridge plates) and on p. 78(the use of random serial #’s in dating bridges on the earliest Teles).

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LEFTY 1969 Fender Tele, Near Mint Condition!

LEFTY 1969 Fender® Tele®, 100% Original with OHSC, Near Mint Condition, super clean example and impossible to find lefty vintage Tele® in this condition! Dates are: F252952/neck plate, 3JUL69B/neck stamp, 304 6545/pots(typical late 65 pots, along with 1966 pots that Fender® used right through the late 60s).

No mods or changes; true unmolested survivor guitar! Has some minor case wear and a few nicks, dings, and scratches; owner has lightly etched his name under low E tuner on back of headstock(no big deal, but I did want to mention it). Has “Telecaster®” on the headstock, just like a few 69/70 Teles on the lefty guitar database:http://www.lefty-guitars.de/navigation.html (a 69 & 70 Tele® are shown with similar decals). Overall, really super nice condition and ready for you vintage Tele® collection!

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1961 Lefty Fender Tele, Sunburst Custom Color, 100% Original, RARE!!!

Insanely rare and ultra cool Lefty 1961 Fender Tele with a Sunburst Custom Color, EXC condition, 100% original with OHSC and ashtray cover. The original lefty brown case is even nicer than the one for my 1961 Strat! How rare is this guitar? This is the ONLY lefty slab board Custom Color Tele I have ever seen; may be the only one on the planet! This guitar is MUCH more rare than a slab Strat – there is no comparison!

This Tele has a real nice blend Sunburst finish typical of 1961, strong unfaded color, Dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, frets have moderate wear with plenty of life left, has some nicks/dings with only a few spots on the edges down to the wood(see pics), the volume pot has wear but still very functional, and the bridge pickup is truly outstanding! This guitar has a tremendous resonance and plays really, really well. Nice weight around 7.5 lbs. If you’re a lefty player into vintage Teles, you MUST own this guitar!

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