1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Ultra Clean/Investment Grade Condition!

Here we have a 1966 factory Left Handed Jazz Bass. This is the cleanest left handed vintage Fender bass on the planet! It has been stored in a closet since 1969 – museum quality piece, 100% untouched, unmolested example!

-Neck Stamp: 7 OCT 65 A
-Pots: 5th week of 1966
-Pearl Dot Neck
-66-Style Paddle Tuners
-Original Chrome Covers
-OHSC(Left Handed)

This is a Jazz Bass for the serious vintage Fender collector!

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Tribute to Jimi-1963/1964 , Vintage Posters, Marshall Amp

Here is a photo tribute to Jimi Hendrix, featuring a lefty 1963/1964 Olympic White Strat,
1st edition Monterey/Fillmore/Woodstock posters, and a 50w Marshall head with a 4×12 cab from 1973.

Hendrix played several white Strats, including the 1966 with rosewood board seen at the 1968 Miami
Pop Festival, and also the 1968 with maple board seen at Woodstock. He also owned a righty 1963 Olympic
White Strat which looks very much like this 1963-1964 Strat, except of course mine is lefty. Actually,
Jimi did own a few left handed Strats. Oh well, all in the spirit of the Hendrixian White Strat theme!

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1967 Fender Tele, Great Sounding Vintage Tele!

Have you ever wanted a killer sounding vintage guitar that you didn’t have to worry about getting nicked or dinged?
This is the perfect vintage Tele to take to the local jam, gig, or on tour and not have to worry about.

This is a 1967 Fender Tele which was previously at Gruhn Guitars some years ago. While at Gruhn, they went ahead and did a refret with new nut. The guitar does have a lot of wear, but it is one of the better sounding Teles I’ve had.
The pickups are very potent on this guitar, with a very strong Neck/6.96K, and Bridge/5.23K. Sounds unbelievable in the middle position!

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1963/1964 Fender Precision Bass, Pre-CBS, EXC Condition, All Original!

This is a Fender factory left handed Precision Bass, with the neck dating to May 1963, Very nice condition, all original except for a nice non-Fender hard case.

The bass has been inspected and setup by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, who is the most qualified person in the world to check out a vintage bass. Scott has had an authorized Fender repair center since 1979, has worked on hundreds of vintage Fender basses over the years, has a collection of vintage basses, and is also a tremendous professional bass player.

The bass has some typical nicks and dings for an instrument over 50 years of age, with 1 small area between the covers worn to the wood, some worming on the back, and minor fret wear on the 1st three frets. The 3-color sunburst is vibrant, tortoise shell pickguard is crack-free, headstock logo is perfect, back of neck has very little wear, the fretboard is Dark Brazilian Rosewood with no gouges or grooves. All electronics and internal characteristics are perfect, with solder joints untouched.

Date Codes:

• Neck Plate: L41xxx
• Neck Stamp: 5MAY63C
• Pots: 304-6440

The bass is perfectly set-up and sounds great with a rich tone. The neck is wide, flat, and comfortable. The neck is a “C” width of 1 3/4 at the nut, which is more comfortable to play than a comparable Jazz Bass with its “A” width of 1 1/2.

This is a really nice example of a left handed Pre-CBS Fender bass – and the lefty basses are much harder to find than the guitars!

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Lefty 1975 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass with OHSC, EXC Condition!

Left Handed 1975 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass, Jetglo/Black finish, 100% original, EXC Condition with OHSC. OA Date Code = Jan/1975. Very nice lefty vintage Rick bass!


1970′s Rickenbacker 4001, black finish with white binding, pickguard, pickup cover (with dampening mechanism), rosewood fingerboard with triangle inlays, 2 single-coil pick-ups, Rick-o-Sound stereo outputs, toggle switch. Most often associated with the classic rock sounds of Deep Purple (see magnificent trippy artwork on album cover “Machine Head”) as played by Roger Glover. Add Sir Paul McCartney in later Beatles and much of Wings recordings and live performances, Chris Squire of Yes and Geddy Lee of Rush in their earlier years… a monster bass to add perfectly to the Precision arsenal. This baby features a round neck and baseball bat feel akin to an old Tele, easy to get around on and obtaining a very quick feel. Not heavy but yielding a ton of sustain, the Rick 4001 bass is full of tonal soundscapes which no other instrument could impart. The treble pickup barks and the bass is warm and thick but (imho) the “piece de resistance” is the combo of the two which yields a funkiness like no other. Great classic rock sounds, period.

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1971 Gibson ES-150DC with late 1960s Features, EXC & 100% Original!

This is just not a vintage Gibson guitar that you see in lefty. In fact, I have never seen a left handed ES-150DC, and you may never see another one ever again! It’s also in the seldom seen Cherry Red finish-most of these were Walnut or Natural.

The ES-150DC is a model that Gibson introduced in 1969, and production ran from 1969-1975. It is a hybrid guitar which may be considered a double-cutaway ES-175, or a deep body(3 inch depth) ES-335. Add a master volume and you have a very unique instrument!

This particular guitar has some late 1960s features: the neck has NO volute and inside you will find an Orange Label, and it’s even a no union made label! The back of the headstock has the Made in the U.S.A. stamp, and pots date 137 7114, so technically it’s a 1971 with the latest date being from 1971.

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