1958 Gibson ES-335, Museum Quality!

Sometimes you just shake your head and wonder in amazement; this is one of those times. Simply stunning DOT Neck 335 from 1958; this is the finest vintage guitar I’ve ever acquired! 100% original with OHSC, factory stop, looks unplayed, 9.8/10 condition, just a spectacular vintage instrument. Charlie Gelber at OK Guitars had a chance to look it over, and said it was the 2nd or 3rd finest 335 he’s ever seen out of more than 200 ES guitars that he’s owned.

And it has THE neck PUP; no guitar I’ve owned can compare. Neck PUP/7.62K, Bridge PUP/7.97K. Tremendous resonance, perfect weight around 7.5 lbs. Nice full 58 neck, plays unbelievably.

The lefty Golden Era ES-335s are extremely rare; I count 7 total that I’ve seen: (3) 1964s, (1) 1963, and now only 3 DOT Necks(one was a refin, the other was a converted righty). This is most likely the cleanest and earliest Lefty ES-335 in existence!