Lefty Gibson Historic 1959 Les Paul, 8 1/2 lbs, New & Unplayed Beauty!

This was the best top from a recent group of Left Handed 2013 Gibson R9 Les Pauls; Iced Tea color, VOS finish, Nickel hardware, COA/OHSC with all tags & paperwork, original factory shipping box, Brand New/Unplayed.

It has a really beautiful figured top that features great complex flame with tremendous movement. And when you pick it up, you know right away it’s the perfect weight for a Les Paul: 8 1/2 lbs, or 8lbs, 8 oz to be exact. One of the nicest left handed Historic 1959 Les Pauls I’ve gotten in!

This guitar completely validates the year 2013 as having earned the reputation for being THE year for Les Paul reissues:

The Custom Shop worked very hard at the drawing board to make the 2013 Historic Les Pauls the most vintage-accurate reissues yet, and it completely shows in all aspects of these instruments throughout the looks, feel, and tone.

It’s the minute changes that have made this guitar a completely new animal. The mahogany back and sides of the guitars are stained with aniline dye, which presents the mahogany grain in the best detail possible. The truss rod in the mahogany neck is unsheathed from its tube encasing from previous years, and the neck is fitted to the body with hide glue. These are changes which increase the resonance of the instrument, and the hide-glue also is helpful in removing the neck of the guitar for repair without damaging the surrounding wood of the body. The Kluson Deluxe tuners have been redesigned, with a proper vintage shape and color. Also, the fretboard and body binding has been darkened color-wise for a more vintage-accurate look.

The 2013 ’59 Reissue is loaded with new Custom Bucker pickups, humbuckers that are Gibsons best recreation of original ’50s PAF pickups yet. The Custom Buckers sound full and detailed, with lots of punch and great response to both your picking dynamics as well as the volume and tone settings.