1972 Fender Princeton Reverb, EXC Condition!

1972 Fender Princeton Reverb, serial # A26123, last year for the Fender tail logo, EXC condition. This amp has all the original transformers(see pics). When I first bought it, I took it to Gary Dahle Pro Audio to have completely checked out. Gary pulled the chassis, cleaned all the pots and jacks, reseated the tubes, resoldered a few connections and the amp sounded like new again.

When I originally got the amp, it had a non-original cheap speaker. So I bought a premium speaker, the Weber Ferro Max Vintage Series Ceramic 10 inch, 8 Ohms/50 watts. This speaker has a huge magnet and is loud with a big bottom, clear, aggressive highs, and later/smooth breakup.

The amp has less than 1 hour of play time with the new speaker. Never gigged, only used in the home. I have 5 other amps, so this amp has seen very little use. Needs nothing – this is a turnkey vintage amp.