Rare Blackguard Replica/Nachocaster by Nacho Banos, New with Cool Accessories!

Nacho Banos: a man who needs no introduction to the world of 1950-1954 Blackguards, the Holy Grails of the Telecaster guitar. Nacho literally wrote the book on Blackguard Teles – The Blackguard: http://www.theblackguardbook.com/

The Nachocaster is a guitar that Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top is in love with, and Billy knows a few things about vintage guitars! Billy even added his own certificate to the Nachocasters.

This guitar is simply amazing! If you are a Tele player, this guitar deserves your serious attention. It is everything that the serious Tele players say it is:






• WEIGHT: 6 lb 10 oz
• COLOUR: Blonde Butterscotch


• Nachoguitar RACHEL Left handed serial # 2139.
• V profile neck with medium size frets and rolled edges for smooth action. Neck depth 1st/12th fret is 0.88″/0.98″. Width is 1.63″/2.01″
• Neck date TAd 3/6/52. Body date TG 11/2/52. Worn yellowed butterscotch finish with lots of wear and natural weather checking.
• 9.5″ fretboard radius. There is an extra string tree screw hole on headstock which has been plugged.
• Light weight example at 6 pounds 10 ounces.< • Neck pickup reads 6.89 k ohms, bridge pickup is 7.23 k ohms. • Wiring scheme is neck alone-both in series- bridge alone. • Black bakelite pick-guard is lacquered and aged, cut to exact 1952 specs from correct composition phenolic fiber material. • It comes with a rectangular tweed mid 50s style hard case (not aged). Each guitar comes with a crazy amount of cool accessories: a certificate from Billy Gibbons, a COA with all specs signed by me, a custom leather bag with all goodies, a DVD of me and Redd Volkaert, a CD with complete pic portfolio, ashtray bridge cover, a copy of Leo Fender cost book from 1950, a signed copy of the Blackguard Book, and a new set of Pyramid Pure Nickel 10-52s. Nacho only makes a handful of guitars very year, and to find one that is left handed is a very rare find! I’ve had a bunch of vintage Teles, and I can truly say that I am impressed! The guitar played great and stayed in tune right off the bat; neck felt perfect, great weight under 7 lbs, and the pickups sounded killer! Better grab this one before I decide to keep it!