1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Early 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom, no volute, no “Made in USA” stamp, pot codes 1376929, ser # 856xxx, 100% original except for excellent re-fret. These Customs were notorious for low flat frets; now it plays great with easy bending! Includes 1st-ssue OHSC with Excelsior atches, Marigold interior, no-logo exterior. EXC condition with some checking on top; very cool original “true” 1969 LP Custom, and the earliest Lefty Les Paul Custom on the 1968-69 Les Paul Database: http://www.atomeveeclipse.com/data/LPStats.html. Very rare lefty guitar!

1960 Gibson ES-330

1960 Gibson ES-330, Beautiful sunburst finish, 100 % original including both lefty and righty pickguards, moderate checking, slim profile neck, amazing neck P-90, original brown OHSC with pink lining, EXC condition. Plays and sounds incredible! I’ve never seen a lefty ES-330 this early; a very rare sighting indeed!

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1964 Gibson ES-330

1964 Gibson ES-330, deep unfaded and vibrant Cherry red finish, Nickel hardware, 100% original with OHSC(Excelsior latches & Marigold interior), EXC condition, tremendous guitar. Another spectacular lefty ES-330; last of the Golden Era Gibsons and impossible to find in all original condition!

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1965 Fender® Sunburst Strat

LEFTY 1965 Fender® Sunburst Strat®, OHSC, EXC condition. All original except for replaced nut, currently has 5-way switch(original 3-way in the case), bridge pickup has been rewound but is original, trem cover is missing. Take the risk out of buying a lefty vintage guitar: this Strat has been thoroughly inspected, examined, and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, one of the most knowledgeable vintage guitar luthiers in the country(www.topshelfmusic.com).

This is one of about 6 lefty ’65 Strats I’ve seen from mid-65 that came with the F plate(typical for that period); this one is F125xxx.

  • Neck stamp: 2JUN65 B
  • PUP dates: 6-11-65
  • Pot dates: 137 6514
  • Neck Plate: F125xxx

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Lefty 1969 Gibson SG Special

LEFTY 1969 Gibson SG Special, 100% original in EXC condition, OSSC. True 1969 guitar: No volute, no “Made in USA” stamp, ser #836xxx, pots date: 1376934. Very nice example, survivor guitar, strong unfaded Cherry Red color, no breaks/cracks, unmodified Maestro tailpiece.

This guitar has been played but not abused, some worming on back, body has moderate wear, frets have some wear but plenty of life left. Includes original softshell case.

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1965 Blonde Fender Strat

This is an untouched, 100% original 1965 Blonde Fender® Strat® with OHSC, a true time capsule and survivor guitar! It’s not everyday you find an unmolested vintage Strat®, especially in the highly desirable and very rare Blonde over Ash custom color finish. I believe I was the first person to ever turn a screw on this guitar; every screw was nice and tight, with all solder joints untouched. It was like a religious experience taking this guitar apart, Oh Hallelujah!

This Strat® has been sitting in a closet and unplayed for most of it’s life. It’s now ready for a new owner looking for a highly collectable Custom Color Strat® that will only appreciate in value. Overall condition: EXC+, with some buckle rash on the back. Some dings and scratches, but I would call it EXC+ or 8.75/10.

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