Pre-CBS 1964 Fender Jaguar, Black Refin, EXC Condition with OHSC

Left Handed Pre-CBS 1964 Fender Jaguar, older pro-refin in Black, has just undergone a complete inspection and expert set-up including a perfect refret with original spec wire by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music( This guitar now plays beautifully and needs nothing!

Neck date is 1MAY63B, neck plate is L48xxx, pickups are 6.13K/Neck, 7.09K/Bridge. Has a few replaced parts: 2 pots are mid-60s, tuners are repro, otherwise the guitar is original. Includes what is probably the correct case: early 60s brown Jaguar/Jazzmaster in righty, which is typical of the lefty Jaguars and Jazzmaster from the 1960s I have seen.

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Lefty 1962 Gibson ES-345TD with PAFs, EXC Original Condition!

Very rare left-handed PAF-equipped ES-345TD from early 1962, serial # 54xxx, factory Bigsby, was a custom order factory Bigsby with no Custom Made Plaque(I’ve never seen another), beautiful unfaded Tobacco Sunburst finish with minimal checking, slight worming on the back, Dark Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, just a scorchin’ PAF Gibson! PAFs are VERY potent on this guitar, measuring 7.46K/Neck and 7.44K/Bridge.

The guitar is 100% original except for the switch tip(probably a newer replacement), but does include a late 1950s brown Stone Case Company case with pink interior, which many collectors prefer over the Lifton case from that era. The guitar had 2 crumbling tuner tips(typical for these guitars from that era), which I replaced with 2 original single-ring tuner tips. I actually bought 2 vintage tuners from the 1950s with the correct tips and used the tips on this guitar (the tuners with paperwork are inside the case). The original tuners have never been
off this guitar!

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1969-1970 Gibson SG Special, EXC with OHSC, Amazing SG!

Lefty 1969-70 Gibson SG Special, transitional guitar from late 1969-early 1970: NO Made in U.S.A. stamp, mini volute, pots date 137 7010. Has early 60s Maestro tailpiece(the guitar is original otherwise), brand new adjustable bridge is on there now(original stair step bridge in the case). Nice deep cherry finish, has some dings and nicks that you would expect from 44 year-old guitar, some worming on the back, but EXC overall condition. Headstock has some veneer checking which is purely cosmetic in nature. Comes with original logo black rectangular case/Marigold lining.

I actually didn’t play this guitar until Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music(authorized Gibson repair center since 1979) was doing a complete inspection and set-up of this guitar and commented that it was a really good sounding SG. Since I’m more into Gibson ES guitars and Strats, I took notice, plugged it in, and was very impressed with this guitar!

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Lefty 1965 Gibson ES-330TD with 1964 Features, EXC Condition, Amazing Guitar!

Left-handed 1965 Gibson ES-330TD in beautiful transluscent Ice Tea Sunburst finish, EXC condition, period-correct Black Ess & Ess hardshell case, AND this guitar has ALL of the highly desirable 1964 features: wide full neck with 1 11/16 nut, ALL Nickel Hardware, 17 Degree
headstock pitch. It’s hard enough to find a lefty ES-330 from the 1960s, but then to find a really great example in every respect, that’s practically a miracle!

Early 1965 ES-330TD, serial # 3020xx, but still retains all the Golden Era features, plus is an amazing player with the holiest of Tone; a true Blues Monster! Finish and color is in beautiful condition, with only slight checking. Nickel hardware is in great shape; the best I’ve
had among my 60s ES-330 guitars. The frets are original with some wear, but there is no problem with playing the guitar effortlessly whatsoever; no fretting out anywhere, and good bends are easily attainable across the neck. The nibs are even intact; that, my friends, is a rarity among the 60s Gibsons I’ve owned! The neck also has a beatifully-grained Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard; it is another feature that makes this ES-330 one of the special ones!

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1969 Gibson ES-335TD, 100% Original with OHSC, EXC!

1969 Gibson ES-335TD, 100% Original, Beautiful unfaded Iced Tea Burst finish, has newer Bigsby on it now, includes original trapeze tailpiece.

This is a true pre-Norlin Gibson, with no volute and no Made in U.S.A. stamp! Serial # is 818xxx, right in the middle of several serial # categories for the model year 1969: 817000-819999. Even has the earlier Golden Era no “Union Made” Orange Label!

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1967 Martin D-28L, Brazilian Rosewood, Very Rare Factory Lefty, EXF Condition!

True factory Left Handed 1967 Martin D-28(D-28L), Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back/sides, includes OHSC with dark burgundy lining. This is the cleanest pre-1970 left handed Martin I have seen! Gruhn Guitars had this guitar back in 2008 and rated it EXF(Exceptionally Fine Condition-see photo of Gruhn description). The guitar has been stored since then. I cannot disagree with their assessment!

While at Gruhn Guitars, they performed a neck reset, refret, and installed a new vintage replica pickguard. The guitar is 100% original except for the replacement pickguard. They did a great job on the neck set, as you cannot tell the neck was ever off the guitar. The refret was also first rate. Gruhn Guitars do Excellent work in their shop, so this guitar has had all the necessary work done to it, and now needs nothing and is ready to play.

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1963 ES-335TDC, Very Rare Factory Left Handed Golden Era 335!

Another Clapton-era Cherry ES-335, this one from 1963, factory Bigsby guitar, suitable for a stoptail conversion with the factory drilled holes under the “Custom Made” Plaque. Tremendous sounding guitar, as these Golden Era 335s are know to be, with neck PUP = 8.55K, Bridge PUP = 8.02K.

This guitar has been well played, and for good reason! Now has a really nice refret, so it’s ready for many years of musical ecstacy.

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