1957 Gibson Les Paul Special, Ultimate Rock and Roll Machine!

When the job calls for pure Rock and Roll, I know which guitar to reach for: my 1957 Les Paul Special! Within seconds of picking it up, I started hypnotically launching into the essence of hard rock from the Who’s Live at Leeds album: Summertime Blues, My Generation, Magic Bus, etc. Of all my vintage guitars, this one just knocks out the power chords like no other – this guitar is pure rock and roll euphoria!


Neck Depth: .92/1st, .98/12th
Pickup Output: Neck/8.23K, Bridge/7.83K
Weight: around 8.5 lbs

This guitar is in EXC overall condition and has been inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music.
The action measures 4/64 at both sides of the 12th fret. Scott also performed a perfect refret with period-spec wire.
The great guitars get played for a reason, and this one now plays as good as it sounds. The only other note of interest is it had different tuners on at one time;
the original tuners are now back on the guitar(has 2 extra small holes/side that are covered up by the original tuners).

In the world of left handed vintage guitars, the single-cut Les Paul Specials and Jr’s are among the rarest.
I have only seen 1, maybe 2, other lefty 1955-58 Les Paul Specials in over 35 years – that’s it! So when the urge arises to get your rocks off
with some devastating and pulverizing rock and roll, my 1957 Les Paul Special is the clear weapon of choice!