Lefty 1961 Gretsch 6120, 100% Original w/ OHSC, Near Mint Condition!

Left-Handed 1961 Gretsch 6120 with OHSC, investment/collector condition,
spectacular example of the iconic 6120 model. Includes enamel-faced B6 Bigsby
that was standard feature on righty 6120s through mid-1959, flamey sides, beautiful birdseye
back, strong Pat # Filter’Tron pickups(neck/4.1K, bridge 5.89K), pots CTS 500k 615 7604 A 6105,
407xx = 3rd batch of 1961, 2nd version cowboy case, original strap.

This 6120 has been completed inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music

1961 marked the end of the Golden Era for Gretsch, as this was the last year for the single-cut 6120.
Chris Guido, who has the finest 6120 collection on the planet, favors the 1961 6120 with the
shallow body 2.25 width-of his 30 6120s, 10 are from 1961(page 134 of Gretsch 6120: The History of a Legendary Guitar by Edward Ball)!
After playing this guitar, I can understand why!

Not for Sale