Left Handed 1960 Fender P-Bass, Holy Grail of Lefty Basses!

Original 1960 Fender Precision Bass – I have only seen one other left handed Fender Bass from the mid-59 to mid-62 slab board period. This represented the sweet spot of Fender’s Golden Era, when their instruments were consistently great!

Date Codes/Left Hand Markings:

Nice thing about this bass is it is well marked for dates and left handed special order status. And you always like to see consistency among all of the date codes, and this one is perfect for the year 1960:

  • Neck Plate: 53xxx
  • Neck Date: 8-60(not all 1960 Fenders had the neck date)
  • Body/PUP Cavity Date: 8/60
  • Pots: 137 6009
  • Left Hand Markings: Body L-H, Neck Pocket L-H
  • This bass has been inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music. There is no better person on the planet to check out a vintage Fender bass:

    1. Scott ran a factory authorized Fender repair center for over 30 years,
    2. Has personally owned over 200 vintage Fender Jazz and Precision Basses, and
    3. Scott is a master bass player himself, and knows a great sounding bass when he hears one.

    And this one is a monster bass; deep, thunderous, and clean bottom-end. Scott rated this one a 10/10 – this is the Holy Grail of lefty electric basses!
    Once you play it, your other basses will be swiftly dispatched to the storage bin!

    The bass has been played, and for obvious reason. It still has the original sunburst finish, which has the typical 1960 fade into more of a two-tone, while the back retains more of the red. The P-bass is all original, and the frets are in great shape, most likely due to the fact that it was played with flat-wounds for most of its life. The back has a fair amount of buckle rash, while the front has only moderate wear. The maple on the neck is some of the nicest flamed maple I’ve seen on any vintage Fender I’ve owned! The thick rosewood fingerboard is a DARK Brazilian. The tortoise shell pickguard is beautiful and crack-free. The solder joints/electronics are all perfect/untouched. The neck appears to have been oversprayed on the back. Includes later Fender-style black tolex case.

    The slab board Fenders are truly magical, and this P-Bass has the vibe and magic in spades – what a bass, it’s a killer!