2022 Nacho Banos Blackguard Tele with OHSC & All Accessories, New!

Just In and For Sale: Left Handed #0516, Butterscotch finish with black pickguard, light in weight at only 6.90 lbs, 9.98k bridge pickup, 8.00k neck pickup, C neck profile with 0.85” depth at first fret.

This is the 2nd and final Left Handed Nacho Banos Blackguard for sale. The 1st one sold quickly, so don’t hesitate on this one!

Nacho Banos is the author of “The Blackguard,” considered to be the definitive reference guide to the vintage Fender Blackguard guitars (Broadcaster/No Name/Telecaster) from 1950-54.

The Nacho Blackguards are the most faithful reproductions of the real vintage Fender Blackguard Guitars from 1950-54, with exterior and interior features modeled after actual vintage Blackguards.


  • Early 50s style Spanish solid body Blackguard left handed.
  • Body date is TG 10/30/52. Neck date is TG 10/30/51. Control cavity tape reads Gloria 5/19/52.
  • Maple neck, 9.5” fret board radius with Medium 95/47 frets, early to mid 1950s
  • style medium C profile neck, very comfortable to play and easy for string bending.
  • Neck Dimensions are 0,85″/1,01″ depth at 1/12 fret; 1,66″/2,01″ width at 1/12 fret.
  • This neck has a very authentic vintage feel and a very comfortable grip.
  • Very lightweight example at 3,13 Kg / 6 Pounds 14 Oz.
  • Early 50s Standard style left handed bridge with compensated brass saddles, serial number 0516 stamped on neck plate.
  • Aged Butterscotch nitro lacquer finish on ash body with plenty of dings and wear marks mostly around the edges. Plenty of playing wear is present on fingerboard and back of neck.
  • Early 50s style hardware and vintage early 1950s Blackguard style pickups.
  • Neck pickup reads 8,00k ohms. Bridge pickup reads 9,98k ohms.
  • Electronic configuration includes the powerful humbucking mode in the middle position: neck
    pickup + both pickups in series + bridge pickups all with tone control.
  • The guitar comes with a black phenolic resin left handed pickguard which has been cut, laquered and aged to early 1950s standards.
  • It comes with a rectangular tweed mid 50s style hard case (not aged).

View all 60+ photos here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/118899478@N03/4BF73Sxj8Y

Brand New with OHSC and all paperwork/accessories.