2018 Gil Yaron Bone, Honey Drop, Near Mint with Extra Options!

For Sale is a very rare left-handed Gil Yaron Bone. The guitar is finished in Honey Drop/Lemon Burst. The guitar was purchased from Destroy All Guitars in 2018, which is the only authorized seller of Gil’s guitars.

The guitar is immaculate. There are just two or three very small/minute blemishes in the finish: one is a small scratch below the back plate and the other appears to be clear overspray. Even with the blemishes I would rate the guitar a conservative 9 – 9.5 / 10.
This one includes all of the upgrades Gil offers except the trapezoid inlays. See full specs list below.

Some of the plastic parts were switched from cream to black. The owner received the pickup rings and black switch tip from Gil. The knobs are after-market but they are Montreux Time Machine Collection knobs, which are very high quality and true to the ’59 specs. The bridge pickup cover and pickguard were removed, but all the original parts are included in the sale. There are also two custom made pickguards which will be included in the sale (made by Mike at QuickGuards).

• * Solid lightweight old growth Mahogany Body shell
• * Solid Paulownia U shaped inner body core
• * Brazilian RW board
• * Patented AirGap-III PAF PU’s – based on the 50’s PAF
with the AirGap pole system
• * 50’s LP type circuit with custom tapered CTS pots and
0.022MFD PIO caps
• * Mother Of Pearl dot inlays
• * Nu-Bone nut
• * 1 ply body binding – cream
• * ABR-1 wraparound bridge
• * SE510-06M-N open back tuners
• * Classic Crème plastics
• * Thin Shellac/Nitrocellulose finish
• * Black headstock with MOP inlay logo and gold silk
screened script
• Single ply neck binding
• GY PIO Custon caps (0.020MFD & 0.013MFD)
• NOS 50’s harness and PU lead wires (two strands)
• Private stock maple top
• Hard shell ATA case