1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Wine Red, 100% Original with OHSC, EXC Condition!

This is a 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Wine Red finish, Gold Hardware, Ebony fretboard. This was the 25th guitar made in the Kalamazoo, MI plant on September 14, 1979. The neck is on the slim side, with 1st fret/.82 and 12th fret/.95. The pickups are balanced with neck/7.67K and bridge/7.73K. The weight is on the lighter side for a 70s all-mahogany Custom: around 10 lbs on a bathroom scale. I’ve seen 70s customs heavier than 11 lbs! The headstock is marked “SECOND” on the back, which is usually a mystery stamp found on many really good older Gibsons based on my experience.

The neck is in very nice condition, and still has the original fretboard binding nibs. The original frets have moderate wear around the first 3 frets, with no effect on playability.

The Gold hardware has the typical wear, tarnishing, and degradation seen on Gold hardware from this vintage, most notably on the bridge and bridge pickup. There is a fair amount of worming on the back, but nothing through the wood. There are light scratches and nicks on the body, but overall this is a very nice example of a Les Paul Custom from the 1970s.

I have just set the guitar up with new D’Addario XL 10-46s, and I can tell you it plays very well. And I really like the neck pickup on this guitar!

The guitar is 100% original and Includes an original Protector I/chainsaw case in EXC condition, with all latches working great. These Gibson Protector cases are very appropriately named and are sought after by collectors, who use them to store and travel with their vintage 1958-60 Burst Les Pauls.

This is a really nice Left Handed vintage Les Paul Custom from the 1970s!