1968 Fender Strat, Original Candy Apple Red, Near Mint!

This is a very rare left handed 1968 Fender Strat in a Custom Color Candy Apple Red, which was Leo Fender’s favorite color! This Strat has been featured in the book of rare left handed guitars: Uncommon Sound.

1968 (June) Stratocaster, original Candy Apple Red finish, rosewood fingerboard, pearl dots, large headstock, original tremolo arm, bridge cover, white guard, Fender booklet and tags, original black Fender lefty case. This guitar was bought from the original owner in Texas who got it as a gift at age 14.

-Serial number 247477
-Neck date 13 FEB68 B
-Pot codes 137 6618
-Pickups are grey and black back, date handwritten in pencil 8-6-68

The electronics are original except the bridge PUP has been rewound by Lindy Fralin (all 3 PUPs have the same handwriting on the back: 8-6-68 CA). Otherwise the guitar is 100% factory original. The guitar is in Near Mint/Investment Grade condition!