1968 Fender Strat, Extremely Rare Blonde Custom Color!

Left Handed 1968 Fender Strat with an insanely rare Blonde Custom Color! This had to have been a special order guitar – has “Blond” written in the neck pickup cavity(see pic). I think I’ve seen one other factory left-handed Blonde Strat, but certainly not from the Hendrix era(both the white Woodstock and black Band of Gypsies Strats were from 1968).

The Guitar looks very clean and straight, with only the volume pot replaced with a later pot from 1977. The guitar has just been set up by the pros at The Guitar Factory in Orlando, FL and needs nothing.

Date Codes:

• Serial Number 236375 (mid 1968)
• Neck date: 22 JUN 68B

Pot Codes:

• Tone 137 6618
• Tone 137 6618
• Volume 137 7726 (1977)

Pickup Dates:

• Bridge (grey bottom) 8-6-68 Ca
• Middle (grey bottom) 8-6-68 Ca
• Neck (Black bottom) no writing

Has the typical unplugged hole on the short horn where it was once played as righty – very common for lefty Strats from the 60s.
Includes original left handed case and trem arm.

Here’s your chance to buy a super rare, factory left handed Custom Color Strat from the Hendrix Era!