1967 Martin D-28L, Brazilian Rosewood, Very Rare Factory Lefty, EXF Condition!

True factory Left Handed 1967 Martin D-28(D-28L), Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood back/sides, includes OHSC with dark burgundy lining. This is the cleanest pre-1970 left handed Martin I have seen! Gruhn Guitars had this guitar back in 2008 and rated it EXF(Exceptionally Fine Condition-see photo of Gruhn description). The guitar has been stored since then. I cannot disagree with their assessment!

While at Gruhn Guitars, they performed a neck reset, refret, and installed a new vintage replica pickguard. The guitar is 100% original except for the replacement pickguard. They did a great job on the neck set, as you cannot tell the neck was ever off the guitar. The refret was also first rate. Gruhn Guitars do Excellent work in their shop, so this guitar has had all the necessary work done to it, and now needs nothing and is ready to play.

In addition, this guitar was just inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music/Buffalo NY on 10-22-14. Scott has been an authorized Martin repair center since 1979. Action has been adjusted to 5/64 hi E, 6/64 low E(12th fret). The guitar needs nothing and is ready to play.

Maple Bridge Plate:

Scott looked underneath and commented that “everything looks very nice underneath” and also confirmed that this D-28 does have the Maple Bridge Plate, which is very critical with many Martin collectors as seen by this comment from the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum : April 9, 1968 to 1987 – Rosewood bridge plate on all models starting with serial number 235586. This had a somewhat dramatic change in sound for all Martin models, and is really the end-point in collectibility for many people.

And from the Martin Guitar website – Dreadnought Story, Chapter 5: The tumultuous Mid-`60s: A more serious change occurred on April 9, 1968. On that date the Martin Company began using rosewood instead of maple for the bridge plate, the small piece of reinforcing wood glued to the inside surface of the top, directly under the bridge. Martin also enlarged the bridge plate. If one had to point to a single, indisputable, qualifiable difference between Martin guitars made before and after this period, it would not be in the types of rosewood used in the bodies, the color of the plastics, the shape of the peghead, or any number of other visible components, but rather a seemingly innocuous piece of wood inside the guitar.

This is a total and irreproachable investment grade Brazilian D-28, and vintage(pre-1970) factory left handed Martins are exceedingly rare. You don’t normally find them in this condition either! No excuses, regrets, or disappointments on this guitar; it will make a fine addition to your vintage Martin collection!