1967 Fender Tele, Superb Tone & Playability, EXC!

1967 Fender Tele, Blonde finish with DARK & nicely figured Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, super clean condition, 100 % original condition. Includes right handed period-correct case with tail logo; I’ve seen a similar 1967 left handed Blonde Tele that also came with a righty period-correct case, so it may be original. Also comes with original ashtray bridge cover.

This has the modern, post-deep rhythm Tele wiring that started around mid-1967. This allows you to access the in-between PUPs setting in the middle position. I really like the way this Tele plays and sounds. It has an exceptional bottom-end, one of the better Fenders I’ve heard. The neck pocket has a nice tight fit, which may account for the great tone and vibe of this guitar.

Not much fret wear on this guitar at all. Action at the 12th fret: 4/64 at high E, 5/64 at low E. This guitar needs nothing and is ready to play. This is a real Blues monster!


  • Neck Plate: 286482
  • Neck Stamp: 3 APR67B
  • Pots: volume – 137 6631, tone – 137 6634
  • 1st fret: .87”, 12th fret: .92”
  • Neck PUP: 7.56K, bridge PUP: 6.94K
  • Weight: just over 7 1/2 1bs
  • Overall, this is very fine vintage lefty Tele which rivals the tone of much more expensive guitars; this, my friends, is a good one!