1967 Fender Tele, Great Sounding Vintage Tele!

Have you ever wanted a killer sounding vintage guitar that you didn’t have to worry about getting nicked or dinged?
This is the perfect vintage Tele to take to the local jam, gig, or on tour and not have to worry about.

This is a 1967 Fender Tele which was previously at Gruhn Guitars some years ago. While at Gruhn, they went ahead and did a refret with new nut. The guitar does have a lot of wear, but it is one of the better sounding Teles I’ve had.
The pickups are very potent on this guitar, with a very strong Neck/6.96K, and Bridge/5.23K. Sounds unbelievable in the middle position!

Date Codes:

• Neck Plate: 206705
• Neck Stamp: 3MAY67B
• Pots: 304 6617

Besides the refret/nut, the only other non-original part is the high E tuner, which has been replaced with a newer tuner.
There is also a new Kluson set of tuners for 65-67 Teles included.

There is considerable wear on the guitar, as you can see from the pics. The fingerboard was been leveled.
The finish is worn down to the wood along the Bottom side, as well as edge wear on the sides and in the cutout.
There is a small wear area down to the wood below the bridge. The pickguard has a lot of wear as well. The guitar is a true survivor!

Now for the good: this is an early 1967 Tele which is mostly original and has the original translucent Blonde nitro finish, cloth wiring, Gold headstock label,
And Kluson tuners. This represents the last of the good Fenders before they switched to the poly finish, Black headstock label,
Plastic wiring, F tuners, etc. in 1968.

Also, this Tele has been inspected and setup by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, and plays really well and sounds killer. It needs nothing.
At the end of the day, that’s why you keep picking up a particular guitar – it’s all about the TONE, and this Tele’s got it!

Includes an early(post-tail) 70s logo case in nice condition.