1965 Lefty Fender Strat, Green Guard/Clay Dots

Here’s a Lefty 1965 Fender Strat, early 1965 Green Guard, clay dots, L-Series, VG+ condition, 100% original with OHSC. Has a fair amount of finish wear, but it’s all there and VERY correct: all original with perfect solder joints, untouched and unmolested survivor guitar. Lightweight at around 7 lbs, really good playing and sounding pre-CBS Strat!


Neck Plate: L86681
Neck Stamp: 2JAN65B
Pots: 304-6516
Pups: 2/1/65 & 1/20/65

PUP Ohms:

Neck: 6.35
Middle: 5.72
Bridge: 6.14