1965 Fender® Sunburst Strat

LEFTY 1965 Fender® Sunburst Strat®, OHSC, EXC condition. All original except for replaced nut, currently has 5-way switch(original 3-way in the case), bridge pickup has been rewound but is original, trem cover is missing. Take the risk out of buying a lefty vintage guitar: this Strat has been thoroughly inspected, examined, and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, one of the most knowledgeable vintage guitar luthiers in the country(www.topshelfmusic.com).

This is one of about 6 lefty ’65 Strats I’ve seen from mid-65 that came with the F plate(typical for that period); this one is F125xxx.

  • Neck stamp: 2JUN65 B
  • PUP dates: 6-11-65
  • Pot dates: 137 6514
  • Neck Plate: F125xxx

Neck PUP=5.6K Ohms, middle PUP=5.46K Ohms, Bridge PUP=7.33K Ohms. Nice blend Sunburst with strong unfaded color, no wear through the wood except small area of arm wear on the side and small thin area on bottom(many more pics on my web site) DARK rosewood fingerboard(got to have that!), original frets have been leveled-now plays great. Back of neck is worn nicely: feels smooth and fast, just the way you want it! Has unfilled hole on lower horn from righty strap knob(about 1/2 of all the Strats I’ve ever owned, new or vintage, have been flipped over for righty at one time), pickguard has fair amount of wear, but hey, that’s what you do with great old Strats: you play them!

Sounds like only a vintage Strat® can: unreal! If you don’t want to spend $30K+ for a Lefty slab board Strat®, here’s a great vintage alternative at a much more affordable price!