1965 Blonde Fender Strat

This is an untouched, 100% original 1965 Blonde Fender® Strat® with OHSC, a true time capsule and survivor guitar! It’s not everyday you find an unmolested vintage Strat®, especially in the highly desirable and very rare Blonde over Ash custom color finish. I believe I was the first person to ever turn a screw on this guitar; every screw was nice and tight, with all solder joints untouched. It was like a religious experience taking this guitar apart, Oh Hallelujah!

This Strat® has been sitting in a closet and unplayed for most of it’s life. It’s now ready for a new owner looking for a highly collectable Custom Color Strat® that will only appreciate in value. Overall condition: EXC+, with some buckle rash on the back. Some dings and scratches, but I would call it EXC+ or 8.75/10.

Dates: Neck Plate: 1079xx Neck Stamp: 2NOV65B Pots: 304-6532 Pickups: 12-17-65

Everything is original, and the electronics are completely untouched! Perfect Strat® weight at 7.5 lbs and comes with the larger frets typical of this period. Even the original No Logo case is super clean. This guitar plays and sounds amazing; Unbelievable vintage Strat!