1964 Lefty Gibson ES-335TDC, Factory Stop Tail, One of One!

This is a left handed 1964 Gibson factory stop tail ES-335TDC, 100% Original with OHSC, in EXC condition. This guitar has been inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Guitars. The guitar features a vibrant and unfaded cherry red finish, Nickel hardware, Patent No. pickups, Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners. It has had a pro refret, has moderate wear, but in EXC overall condition.

It has a serial # from the 5-digit series of 1964, which also includes the Eric Clapton 335. This is a nice complement to my other lefty 64 ES-335TDC, which is a factory Bigsby:

Serial Numbers:
#65808 : Lefty Stop Tail
#66204 : Lefty Bigsby
#67473 : Eric Clapton

Neck/PUP Specs:

Neck PUP: 8.09K
Bridge PUP: 7.51K
1st fret: .85
12th fret: 1.00

I’ve only seen 8 total factory Left Handed ES-335s from 1958-1964(I’ve owned 4 of the 8), which include 3 from 1964. These are the only 2 lefty Cherry 335s I’ve seen from 1964 in over 30 years of collecting vintage guitars. Interesting provenance on this guitar. The original owner was Bob Grundy in the UK, who was the guitarist in Joe Cocker’s blues band from 1964 to 1966 – Joe’s band before The Grease Band, officially titled “Joe Cocker’s Big Blues.”

This is a really great sounding guitar – everything that you expect a 1964 ES-335TDC to be. Along with my 1964 Bigsby ES-335TDC, and 1958 ES-335T, these are the guitars with the best tone I have ever encountered – they really are Burst killers!