1964 LEFTY Fender Jazzmaster, Blonde Finish, Mint with OHSC!

This guitar has been inspected by British luthier Clive Brown, who comments:

“The 1964 Fender Jazzmaster in Blonde is the cleanest Jazzmaster I have seen, on inspecting the guitar I would advise not to remove the pickguard or neck for fear of the guard cracking because of the very tight fit or the neck causing the finish to chip. Anyone who knows what they are looking at should be able to tell that this guitar is as near to new condition as any 1964 guitar can be. A left handed ash bodied Blonde Jazzmaster in this condition including white tolex case is one of the rarest Jazzmasters available.”

What can you say? This is a rare pre-CBS custom color Jazzmaster, unmolested and a true time capsule, an absolute investment-grade instrument – and it’s a LEFTY! This is one of the cleanest vintage guitars I’ve seen; you just don’t see them this pristine…………and when you do, you gotta grab it!