1964 Gibson ES-335

Here’s a beautiful factory stop 1964 ES-335 that’s a verified one-owner(80 year-old gentleman) with a very strong, deep red color and very nice grain. The red color is even stronger than on my 1960 ES-345 or 1964 ES-330. This guitar is in very fine condition with very little overall wear and is a sight to behold! It also has the perfect medium chunky neck that the 1964s are known for. The Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is dark, yet light enough to display some really nice figure.

The guitar is housed in an 1958 Case Company case that originally went with the owner’s “other” ES-335; yes, a 1958 ES-335. That guitar is long gone, and after seeing and playing this guitar I can understand why the owner kept the 1964! Other than the case, the guitar has been professionally inspected and authenticated and is 100% original.

The guitar also comes with the original unsigned Gibson warranty card, the owner’s set list, and an assortment of vintage flat wounds. The set list is comprised of such period favorites as “Key of A Polka,” “Kentucky Waltz,” and “Cheating Heart.” Definitely not to be confused with another set-list that a very similar guitar was used for, i.e. “I’m So Glad,” “Badge,” and “Politician.”