1961 Fender Strat, Rare Lefty Slab Board with OHSC!

Very rare left-handed 1961 Fender Strat, strong 3-tone Sunburst finish, survivor guitar in VG+ condition, all original except for newer CTS 250K volume pot & trem arm. This guitar is the brother of my personal 1961 Strat, sharing the same body date(4-61), neck date(11-61),
neck plate serial # range(70xxx), and even the exact same neck PUP output(5.89K)!

1961 is the sweet spot for Fender Strats IMO: the best 3-tone sunburst and tone! My 1961 Strat has been called one of the best sounding vintage Strats by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, who has been working on vintage guitars since 1968. This Strat is the closest thing to that incredible Strat; this is a very rare opportunity for anyone looking for the classic vintage Strat tone without equal!

Body Date: 4/61
Neck Date: 11/61
Neck Plate: 70xxx
Tone Pots: 304-6134
Volume Pot: newer CTS 250K

Neck PUP: 5.89K
Middle PUP: 5.49K
Bridge PUP: 5.62K
1st Fret Depth: .81 “
12th Fret Depth: .98 “
Weight: Approximately 7.5 lbs

The body has some pick wear above the pickguard where it might have been played by a righty at one time. Also has some wear just above the bridge(see pics for both areas). Very nice crack-free Green Guard. Lots of life left on the frets. Back of the guitar is much cleaner. Neck has the gloss worn off for that perfect worn-in feel.

Includes OHSC in EXC Condition, newer trem arm, original back trem cover.

These slab board Strats are the ones to get; and these are very hard to find in Lefty. Here’s your chance to acquire the essence of classic vintage Fender Strat tone!