1961 Fender Strat

Magnificent example of a Lefty 1961 Fender Strat: 100% original with OHSC and hangtags. EXC 8.5/10 condition. 1961 was a great year for Strats; no worry about the red-fade Sunburst finish that plagued 1960 Strats. This Strat has the beautiful blend tri-color Burst that is so much more desirable than the target/bulls-eye Burst pattern that started appearing in 1962. Completely untouched guitar with no changes/mods/broken solder joints etc.

Must be a good reason why Rory Gallagher and Matt Schofield picked 1961 Strats, and that reason is the Tone! This Strat sets the standard for classic pre-CBS Strat tone: it even made me put down a 1962 ES-345 with PAFs and take notice! I asked a friend of mine who has owned, played, or repaired thousands of old Strats over a span of 40 years to find me another one that sounds as good. He replied: “That will be very difficult.”

And the neck and frets are unreal making this a killer-playing guitar; you can even bend notes easily without even thinking about having a re-fret. DARK Brazilian slab-board with no grooves. Perfect Strat weight at just over 7 1/4 lbs. Gentlemen, this is one totally unreal Strat; if you were looking for the ultimate lefty pre-CBS Strat, this is it!