1960 Gretsch Country Club 6196, Cadillac Green, EXC Condition, 100% Original with OHSC!

Lefty Gretschs are the rarest of vintage electric guitars, relative to Fender, Gibson, etc. This is a late 1960 and it has the deeper 2 1/2″ body of a 1959! This guitar has been very well cared for – it looks like it was played for only a short time and then put away in storage. It even has the original flatwound strings in a bag!

The only thing that appears to ever have been done on this guitar was a fret level from the 10th – 22nd frets. The original frets are in great shape, with only minor wear on the first 3 frets. The back of the neck shows hardly any wear at all, as well as the Ebony fingerboard.

Features Thumbprint inlays on both sides, roller bridge, triple bound fingerboard, and a devastating set of Filter’tron pickups.

This guitar has been inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Guitars. It plays great with no issues and sounds incredible – the open E chord has a menacing crunch with an amazing bottom-end clarity which rings for days(as played through my long-time 66 Deluxe Reverb).

I can tell you that these late 50s/early 60s Country Clubs are some of the best sounding guitars I’ve played. I have an early 61 Country Club with also fills the room with a 3-D sound I have only heard on the best vintage guitars! These two are the only vintage Left Handed Country Clubs I’ve seen.

The guitar is in really fine condition, with only a handful of nicks & dings throughout. The finish is in remarkable condition, with very limited checking, mostly on the front of the headstock and upper part of the neck. There is some slight binding deterioration on the treble side. Overall, this guitar is in Investment Grade Condition.

Includes Original Case(looks almost new), several guitar cords, original flatwound strings, and a white vintage Bobby Lee strap.

This is a rare opportunity for the Left Handed collector!