1960 Fender Strat, Factory Original Righty Pickups, One of One!

This Strat was fully inspected and set-up by my guitar tech, Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music(Fender authorized repair center since 1979) on 10/20/16.

1. heel of neck sanded and neck pocket modified to correct some manufacturing defect, but looks to be original factory work by Fender.
2. some typical and minor marker touch-ups on sides, nothing serious.
3. Tuner on D string changed; it is a single-line/no print older Kluson tuner(1953-56)
4. the PUPs are RIGHT HANDED! and appear to be factory original – Fender just put the wrong PUPS into this guitar – no markings on pickguard or masking tape etc to designate Lefty as on my other pre-CBS lefty Strats, so this would be an easy mistake to have made back then. Having the righty PUPs actually helps eliminate the wolf tones on the low E above the 12th fret that are common on Strats.

*** This is probably the only Lefty pre-CBS Strat to come out of the Fender factory with righty PUPs, making it an exceedingly rare lefty slab board***

5. The guitar plays well, but like most older Strats, could benefit from a refret.
6. case is period correct righty(handle on the right side); interior (case pocket/neck rest) has been moved to the right side for a lefty orientation.

Date Codes/Specs:

• Body: 1/60(written inside trem cavity, along with “Left”)
• Neck Plate: 45xxx
• Pot Codes: 304 5946(46th week of 1959)
• Pickup Outputs: Neck/5.97K, Middle/5.79K, Bridge/5.74K
• Weight: approximately 7.5 lbs – the perfect weight for a Strat

The guitar has a beautiful color and patina. Scott, my guitar tech, likes this guitar and thinks it is a very unique and rare lefty.

So this is a very early 1960 factory Left Handed Fender Strat, made even more rare by the righty PUPs installed at the factory. Includes HSC, original trem bar, trem cover, and April 2012 Heritage Catalog and paperwork.