1958 Gibson ES-175D, 100% Original with OHSC, Near Mint!

This is an unmolested, unharvested time capsule Lefty 1958 ES-175D! Late 50s/Early 60s original ES-175s with PAFs are getting impossible to find, as the poachers have virtually decimated these guitars for their prized electronics, especially the PAFs. To find a Left Handed example, particularly in this pristine condition, takes the definition of “Rare” to a completely higher and unheard of level!

This guitar is in Near Mint Condition, with only the requisite repair(done very well) on the bottom of the zig zag tailpiece. This was a very common occurrence on these tailpieces, and so they are typically repaired or replaced with the more stable early 50s trapeze tailpiece, such as on my righty 1959 ES-175D.

The ES-175 is in Near Mint, investment grade condition, and is 100% original with unsoldered PAFs. Includes the original Stone Co. brown case with pink lining.

This is an unbelievable find for the lefty Gibson collector looking for a superb example of the iconic jazz box!