1952 Fender Super V-Front Amp, EXC Condition, Recently Serviced!

1952 Fender V-Front Super Amp, recently serviced by my amp tech for the past 15 years, Gary Dahle Pro Audio Repair in Sarasota, FL: http://www.garydahle.com/

One speaker needed to be reconed, so I sent it to the best: Gordon Kjellberg in Seattle (Gordy Kjellberg, 8116 10th Avenue, SW Seattle, WA 98106). The reconed speaker came back looking AND sounding great; Gordon did another amazing job! To quote Gordon:

Your speaker will look the same after reconing. The same cone will be used and we save the original tan gasket and use a charcoal gray felt dust cover like the original, and the voice is wound exactly like the original so the sound will also be the same.

The amp has been completed gone through, with the typical cap and tube replacement where needed in order to keep the amp as original as possible and still provide 100% functionality. A new handle has also been installed. All original parts have been saved and are included with the amp(see pics). The amp now sounds amazing!

The amp has the typical stains on the tweed fabric and grill cloth which can be cleaned up; I’ll leave that decision for the new owner. The tweed and grill covering are in great shape, with excellent structural integrity and no major fraying or wear.

Date Codes:

Serial Number: 2127(located on the tube chart; refers to early 1952). This amp was made before Fender started the 2 letter code dating system on the tube charts found on 1953 and later Fender amps.
Speakers: 220 102(2nd week of 1951); 220 050(50th week of 1950)
Pots: 304 025(25th week of 1950)

The Super(and Dual Professional before it) is a historically significant amp in that it was the 1st Fender amp that came with 2 speakers. The Super with the V or Boat Front with chrome vertical strip was only made from 1947-1952, so this amp represents the last year for the V-Front. This 1952 Super V-Front needs nothing and is ready for your immediate listening pleasure. Very few amps from this period can be considered “turn-key” and ready to go; this is one of them!