1965 Fender® Sunburst Strat

LEFTY 1965 Fender® Sunburst Strat®, OHSC, EXC condition. All original except for replaced nut, currently has 5-way switch(original 3-way in the case), bridge pickup has been rewound but is original, trem cover is missing. Take the risk out of buying a lefty vintage guitar: this Strat has been thoroughly inspected, examined, and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music, one of the most knowledgeable vintage guitar luthiers in the country(www.topshelfmusic.com).

This is one of about 6 lefty ’65 Strats I’ve seen from mid-65 that came with the F plate(typical for that period); this one is F125xxx.

  • Neck stamp: 2JUN65 B
  • PUP dates: 6-11-65
  • Pot dates: 137 6514
  • Neck Plate: F125xxx

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