2021 Nacho Banos Blackguard Tele, Finest Reissue, New!

For Sale: 2021 Nacho Banos Blackguard Tele. This is the 2nd and last one I have for sale. This is the best reissue electric out there – the closest thing to an early 50s Fender Blackguard Tele!

The wood used for the body is the same Golden (Southern) swamp ash as used in the original Blackguard Teles. As Nacho Banos states: “A local lumber warehouse supplier had a stock of LOUISIANA SWAMP ASH, hand selected for low density to make musical instruments. Its the best wood I have ever found….I believe this new batch is simply put, our best ever!”

Nacho Guitar early 50s style Spanish solid-body guitar «Blackguard».
Serial number #0494 on neck plate.
Early 50s style.
Weight: 6 Pounds 13 Oz
Neck profile: Soft V to D
Color: Butterscotch Blonde


    • Nacho Guitar serial #0494
      Early 50s style Spanish solid body Blackguard.
    • Body date is TG 11/21/51. Neck date is Thaddio 11/51. Control cavity tape reads Gloria 5/19/52.
      Maple neck, 9.5” fret board radius with Medium 95/47 frets, early to mid 1950s style medium Soft V to D profile neck, very comfortable to play and easy for string bending.
    • Neck Dimensions are 0,85″/1″ depth at 1/12 fret; 1,67″/2,02″ width at 1/12 fret. This neck has a very authentic vintage feel and a very comfortable grip.
    • Very lightweight example at 6 Pounds 13 Oz.
    • Early 50s Standard style bridge with brass saddles, serial number #0494 stamped on neck plate.
    • Aged Butterscotch Blonde nitro lacquer finish on ash body with plenty of dings and wear marks mostly around the edges. Plenty of playing wear is present on fingerboard and back of neck.
    • Early 50s style hardware and vintage early 1950s Blackguard style pickups.
    • Neck pickup reads 7,11k ohms. Bridge pickup reads 7,98k ohms.
    • Electronic configuration includes the powerful humbucking mode in the middle position: neck pickup + both pickups in series + bridge pickups all with tone control.
    • The guitar comes with a black phenolic resin pickguard which has been cut, lacquered and aged to early 1950s standards.
    • It comes with a rectangular tweed mid 50s style hard case (not aged).


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I am low on inventory. I need guitars – if you would like to sell or consign your American-made guitar, let me know: Electric or Acoustic, Left Handed or Right Handed, the Older the Better, including Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin, etc.

Top Dollar paid for purchase, lowest consignment fee in the business. Check my customer testimonials(in the Menu section on this page) and please contact me to discuss!

2019 Gibson Custom Shop SG/Les Paul Custom, Special Order, Mint!

2019 Left Handed Gibson Custom Shop SG/Les Paul Custom in Heather Poly finish. This is a Made-To-Measure/special order, one-off guitar in Mint Condition with COA and all accessories. It is similar to a 1961 SG/Les Paul Custom but with 2 Humbuckers, so you don’t have the 3rd PUP getting in the way when picking like on the vintage model.

Features Include:

  • VOS finish
  • Split Diamond headstock motif
  • Bound Ebony fingerboard
  • Reflector cap knobs
  • 57 classic humbuckers
  • Long Vibrola with Lyre-engraved coverplate
  • “Les Paul Custom” embossed on small plaque at end of fingerboard
  • “Les Paul Custom” Truss Rod Cover
  • Custom-style block inlays (including on the 1st fret)
  • Grover tuners

The neck is on the slimmer side, and the weight is light at around 6.5 lbs.

This is a very cool Gibson guitar that is unique and one-of-a-kind. And Gibson Custom Shop guitars in Left Handed are almost impossible to get now, and the wait period is 9+ months based on several of my recent orders.


2020 Gibson 1964 ES-335 Historic Reissue, Sixties Cherry, Brand New!

For Sale:2020 Gibson 1964 ES-335 Historic Reissue, Sixties Cherry, New with OHSC and all Accessories.

    The Sweet Sound of ’64:

The Historic Reissue ES-335 is back and better than ever thanks to a year of studying, scanning, and listening to original examples. The expert craftspeople at Gibson Custom Shop have rendered every contour, profile, inlay and color of the priceless vintage models in magnificent detail.
The result is a playing and ownership experience that will keep you coming back for more. The 1964 Reissue models utilize sharp horn cutaways, medium C-shape neck profiles scanned from originals, small block inlays and vintage-replica parts.

For Specs: https://www.gibson.com/…/1964-ES-335…/Sixties-Cherry

Left Handed Gibson Historics have been very hard to get. This one took 9 months to build!