1979 Guild Starfire IV/V Blonde, Rare, EXC with OHSC!

For Sale: Left Handed 1979 Guild Starfire IV/V:

This appears to be a very interesting Hybrid: the model is clearly specified as a Starfire V on the interior label. Guild was not actually making Starfire V’s in the late 70s, however, and V’s generally had a Guildsby, so I’m guessing this was just a mistake. This one seems to be like most Starfire IV’s of the era: harp tailpiece, block inlays, master volume, HB-1 pickups.

The only exception is that it has an ebony fretboard. 70s IV’s generally had block inlays and rosewood fretboards. In the 80s, Guild changed the IV’s to have dot inlays and ebony fretboards. So what we have here is either a rare transitional combination (block inlays with ebony fretboard), or the ebony fretboard was requested as an upgrade. This seems plausible since a left handed Starfire in general would have been a custom order. Ebony fretboards were only on the higher end Starfire VI’s.

The condition of the guitar is EXC, with the cosmetic issues being very minor: some finish wear, especially around the binding, a few small cracks in the fretboard binding, some very small nicks and dings. Overall, very nice for a vintage guitar. As for playability, it’s in perfect shape: straight neck, truss rod moves freely, low action, smooth frets, very silky feel with the ebony fretboard. Weight is around 10 lbs. This is a very rare Vintage Left Handed Guild!