1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Conversion, One of One!

This may be the only Left Handed 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard Conversion in the world. The donor guitar was a refin 1957 Left Handed Les Paul Jr with some issues. Dan Shinn at Lay’s Guitar Shop(they have been doing outstanding work since 1962!) did a fantastic job of transforming that guitar into the closest thing to a real Left Handed Burst for a fraction of the price! There are only 4 documented Lefty Bursts,(McCartney, McEnroe, Stroup, and Florida Bursts). None of these are for sale and knowing the owners, will probably never become available for sale.

Patterned after the legendary Brock Burst, this Les Paul has all the qualities you could want in a Left Handed Burst: Beautiful flametop, strong cherry sunburst, great weight, 59 profile neck, tremendous tone and playability.

Parts Description:
⦁ 60’s T-Top Pickups
⦁ 60’s Kluson Tuners(double line/double ring)
⦁ 50’s Bumblebee caps
⦁ Pickup Covers – Nickle Plated Reissue
⦁ CTS pots, Switchcraft Switch and Jack(all new)
⦁ Cremetone Bridge and Stop Tail
⦁ Original Strap buttons that came with the guitar
⦁ Plastic parts – Gibson reissue
⦁ Vintage 50’s Pickguard Bracket
⦁ Medium Jumbo Frets
⦁ Brown Lifton Historic Les Paul Case

⦁ Pickup Outputs: Neck/7.80K, Bridge/7.80K
⦁ Neck Depth: .89/1st fret, 1.00/12th fret
⦁ Weight: 8 lbs, 11 oz

A real Left Handed Burst would be priced at $200K+. This 59 Conversion represents the closest thing to a real lefty Burst for 1/10 the cost.